Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2 is out!

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2 is finally released. Sporting Linux 3.16, LibreOffice 4.4 and many features back ported from Ubuntu MATE 15.04.


Hey wimpy… I saw an update via software updater with the 3.16 kernel … the whole update was 64 MB… is this the point release?

btw… it looks like it was unpacking kernal 3.16.33 but installed 3.13.48? :expressionless:

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Great to see features from 15.04 backported :smiley:
Would it be possible to add the system menu categories to 14.04? It makes navigating through menus easier…

My dear Martin Wimpress keep up the hard work, thanks again

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Hi Martin,

Thanks again, good work, where do you find the time
I´m about to re-install my main production machine. Do i install 14.04.2 and install 15.04 in a month, or shall i wait until Monday for mate 15.04 final beta and install 1504 final in a month. I know its a luxury problem. Your thoughts please.

@gravy45 That is a known issue with Ubuntu, they are working on it.

@rohithmadhavan No, I have to draw the line somewhere :slight_smile:

@DirkJan 15.04 Beta 2 is looking good and what I am installing on my machines now. Wait for the release notes and see if you fancy it :wink:

Thanks for this @Wimpy

I’d drifted over to try out the new Plasma 5 on a stable desktop, which meant (for me at least) OpenSUSE. This was a nice thing to see when I was ready to come back :smiley:

It’s working great… but then I would expect no less.

Thanks so much for this Wimpy!!! New user here to the forums but I had to write. I just love the care and attention that you put into this. Keep up the outstanding job!


I have the same question ‘where does he find the time’. If I were Mark Shuttleworth I would have hired him on full time basis and would have paid double salary. Of course to overthrow that bugging ever growing Linux Mint and to stop Ubuntu MATE from growing.
Note: Pun intended.