Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2 LTS

Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, along with other official flavours, was released recently. The major improvement over the first point release is that it includes the 3.16 Linux kernel by default, while also updating the Xorg display server. The release notes are available here - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes.

Is there any plan to release the second Ubuntu MATE point release, ie 14.04.2 LTS?


Yes. But with bells on.

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Bells you say? Will there be some of the defaults of the 15.10 upcoming release?

I won’t be shipping the updated X stack because in my testing it breaks more than it fixes. For example, you can’t install the Ubuntu SDK with the new X stack :confused:

I will ship the new kernel because it fixes several issues, not least the severe video tearing some people have been experiencing.

And, some other stuff :smirk:


You mention kernel and video tearing, please let me make an feedback: I 'm using 15.04 with 3.19 ,without compiz, with no tearing at all.I follow the tip of Polihron Alexandru’s video ( btw, thanks ) posted at 31/01.Everything is fine ! Ah, and thank you , of course :slight_smile:

is it bug free?

bec i m facing problem with it, after update it is working like he**, if i refresh my desktop it goes freez …
anybody have solution of this problem?

Hi Wimpy, I have long been waiting for 14.04.2, please give us an exact date when it will be available, thanks in advance.

@S_A_Patil Why should I give you an exact date exactly?


First and foremost I would like to say there is no onus on you to provide an exact day of release, because we all know most of the open source projects are attended in developer spare time. I only requested you because of some personal reasons. At this juncture I would like to know whether update from 14.04.1 to 14.04.2 is automatic or I should download the new ISO (In Ubuntu 10.04 days it was automatic). As a passing reference I would like to request you to concentrate more on LTS versions, because average joie like me need more stable versions, and most of the computer users are of my kind, and this is the fact that most project like RHEL, Mint, LTS have long release cycles. I once again would like to make myself clear that that there is no onus on you to give exact date, just an approximate date if possible. Thanks in advance.

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@Wimpy Is it advisable to wait for 14.04.2 or will there be a way - such as dist-upgrade - to get all of 14.04.2 if I go ahead and install in meantime?

TIA [ I have an upgrade from Ubuntu (Std) 13.04 to schedule. Happy to wait for .2 if there are benefits - for up to 4 years :wink: ]

With all respect , I disagree . And , please , what’s "average joie " ? Google Translate doesn’t know .

@S_A_Patil I am currently working on 14.04.2. As with the official Ubuntu flavours Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2 will have the new hardware enablement stack but that will not be provided via updates to existing installations. Updating to the new hardware stack for existing inatalls is a manual process and will be documented in the release notes. I had hoped to have it completed this evening but it was not up to release standards so I’ve made some changes and spun new images. We are days away…

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Hey @layingback nice to hear from you again. You are one of the very early adopters and the first Ubuntu MATE user I met in person :slight_smile:

As I said earlier, not all 14.04.2 features will be made available via automatic updates. I am following the official flavour methodology here. It will be worth waiting for 14.04.2, I’ve bent the rules and included some 15.04 features. But personally I’m more excited about 15.04 :slight_smile:

The bells ! Remember of the bells !

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Dear Rodrigo_Virmond, my nature of work doesn’t call for ‘Terminal’ work most of the time. Basically I use Linux for my Bank operations, PHP development, and technical article writing. You are correct; most of the ‘average Joe’ go with the ‘other’ OS to do most of the non-technical tasks. Keeping with positive sense of humor ‘average joie’ doesn’t really have any meaning, but ‘average Joe’ does keyword ‘define: average Joe’. Sorry for the typo eror. Note: Erro regetted. Again why not DuckDuckGo?

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My dear Martin Wimpress, thanks for the time, by your words I better wait and go a head with fresh installation.

My dear Martin Wimpress thanks for 14.04.2.

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Hi All

I do not know if this is right place for this question. I have W500 touch tablet/laptop. I get not get touch keyboard to work on the main decktop or the login screen.

Thank for all the help

I think he means “average Joe”, as in a regular user.

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