Ubuntu MATE 15.04 on LinuxWelt (Germany)

Good news, everyone: Ubuntu MATE 15.04 is on the cover disk of the german-language magazine LinuxWelt 2015-04. The latest issue is now out on newsstands around Germany, Switzerland and Australia.

We also had quite a bit to write about the latest and now official incarnation Ubuntu MATE. Bottom line: it’s closing a circle for those who don’t get to like Unity at all and went elsewhere to find the sweet, consistent Linux desktop experience that made pre-Unity Ubuntu so charming and usable. It’s also a great distribution to start with, when you’re moving from Windows to Linux.

Good grief, that’s Austria, not Australia.

Here’s the whole piece about Ubuntu MATE 15.04 as a JPG just when it went to printing:
http://rand10.net/mate.jpg [german]

Quick translation:

Ubuntu MATE 15.04

This new and juicy arrival in the Ubuntu OS family is, besides of its fresh appearance, an good old friend. Here, the traditionally and meticulously composed MATE desktop environment brings back again Gnome 2 in a splendidly refurbished version.

Ubuntu MATE which is now incorporated in the set of Ubuntu variants in its novel version 15.04 is not only attractive for Linux beginners but also in principle for the use together with legacy PC hardware. And, not to be forgotten, there is also a remarkable number of those Ubuntu aficionados which have never made friend with the rigid Unity system within the desktop of the Ubuntu main version.

MATE - It doesn’t break you habits on the desktop
Just a short look back: Until version 10.10 of Ubuntu the Gnome 2 environment has been used within the GUI, but after the launch of Gnome 3 the older one has not longer been maintained. Rather to follow the step to Gnome 3 the Ubuntu team supported its propriety development Unity. And there was no way back as the old and new versions of Gnome could not be used in parallel because of massive program conflicts. This issue was solved later with MATE, a Gnome derivate, which is changing the names of programs and libraries. At the beginning this was provided with the help of a bizarre script which has been engineered within Arch Linux in 2011. Later, the team of Linux Mint began to work with the Mate project in order to rebuild new, regular software packages from the old code. Since this time Mate has not been backed as a static derivation of the original Gnome but as an own independent system. The development of Mate has in the meantime gained enough momentum to exist as a separate desktop system actively supported.

Disclosure: I’m a very active contributor to the magazine as a freelancer and as the producer of the cover DVD. The publisher, IDG Tech Media GmbH is not my employer and I don’t speak in behalf of them. My opinions voiced here are mine and not necessearily those of my publisher.


:ok_hand: nice good news

@david Many thanks for sharing this :sunglasses:

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Good stuff! Always said Ubuntu MATE is here to stay, has great potential and boasts muscle from the outset.


Thanks for posting. I love LinuxWelt Magazine and buy almost every new edition. Its great, that Ubuntu Mate has that response in this publication! :smile:


This website is (imo) the best German language Ubuntu website of them all:


It is very well laid out and covers all aspects of Ubuntu with great documentation!. :smiley: (Speaking German would be an advantage here!)

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