Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Rasp Pi2

Doing “sudo do-release-upgrade -d” tells me that I can obtain a beta copy of 15.10 for my Pi, but 2 attempts to upgrade via this method have turned both attempts at upgrading the OS into an unbootable state. Is this method even valid for upgrading on the Pi? Is there known issues doing this like it failed 80% or even 100% of the time?

Had some free time, so I took my master image and created a SD/HDD configuration. having 500 GB of space on / is now nice as well as well now. MUCH faster as well. Also created a swap file of 4GB in case running out of memory was the issue. Procedures on how I did this as well as modifications to the OS files and some overclocks and GPU memory settings have also been made to the master image file I use as well. Anyone interested let me know and I will share any infomation I have obtained


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As a new owner of the Pi 2 I am interested in your procedures of modifications to the
OS, as well as overclocking. I am planing to use it as HTPC and base
internet browsing.

Are you looking for the steps to move the root partition from the SD card and place it on a hard drive?

I have 16 GB card with OS and external 1TB HDD for storage (FAT 32 formated).
Plan is to use SD card for OS, but to use all available space.
Also to have swap (on SD or HDD) and use your overcloking and GPU memory settings.

If the 1gb of Ram on the system is not enough for you. Sometimes it not for me, I would recommend a swap file instead of a swap partition. First its much easier to setup and remove and delete and adjust in size as you need it. Not exactly sure why i noticed this, but in my setup, swap file seemed to perform faster. Didnt perform any tests, just felt faster. You will not want to do this on a FAT drive. I would not be surprised if the software prevented it because of security issues of FAT. People say swapping on SD card is bad for several reasons. I think its bad because SD is so crap slow. Reason I wanted to move to HDD.