Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 for Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 is out!

After several delays Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 was released last night including the refreshed image for the Raspberry Pi 2 & and 3. Here are the release notes:

The Highlights

  • Performance optimised.
    • Partition alignment, file system features, fewer CPU cycles, lower RAM.
  • Added automated first boot partition resizing.
  • Forked and adapted raspi-config to Ubuntu.
    • Added pi-top brightness and power-off support.
  • Backported MATE Desktop 1.16.1.
  • Backported BlueZ 5.41.
    • Updated pi-bluetooth to 0.1.2 including failsafe systemd units.
  • Backported ffmpeg 3.2 including Raspberry Pi hardware acceleration for MMAL decoding and OMX encoding.
  • Updated Xorg via the LTS Enablement Stack.
  • Added OOTB support for 16 new HATS.
  • Disabled SSH by default.
    • SSH can be enabled via raspbi-config or creating a file named ssh in the /boot partition.
    • sshguard is also automatically enabled when you enable SSH.
  • Reduced the image size to 5GB, down from 8GB.

You can download this updated Raspberry Pi image and the new isos for i386 and amd64 from our download page.


Good job !
I had tested it a little bit seems to work very fine for now !
I like the ported raspi-config too !
I have some issues and some ideas but I need to test more before posting here :slight_smile:
Great work anyway !

Testing now. Bummed about no Snap support but it seems fine.

(I use my Pi at work as a GIMP machine in our Photolab. I’ve longed to see if the there is a Krita and Gimp Snap rather than bog the Pi down with the insane amount of dependencies needed.)

On a rpi2, i test and i like.
I Just seen that transparency is working in terminal-mate. Great !!
I experienced two blocked sessions with full memory when i run firefox, but any one when i use chromium (That's a browser problem, i guess).
Rpi more Ubuntu-mate become a really daily usable desktop solution at competitive cost, with less than 10w power supply.
So, thank you for update.
:ubuntu: + :ubuntu_mate: + :strawberry: = :heart:
(sorry, no ubuntu and raspberry smileys)


@Wimpy After testing with my rpi3 for fews days I can tell the release is awesome !

Big problem : Sound lag with pulseaudio !

I have only the same big problem, I use audiojack for sound with speakers and it is a lot of lag due to pulseaudio.
If I disabled pulseaudio all is good (using alsa) but it is difficult to disable it, unmute alsa and save configuration to next reboot and replace the sound widget in top bar to manage sound.
So is it some way to configure pulseaudio with better performance or remove it and go back to alsa easily ? (I try lubuntu which use alsa and all works great for sound but I prefer mate :slight_smile: )

Enhancement : Provide a package with flash plugins for Chromium / Firefox
I think we can add a package for flash plugin installation, I explain Raspberry fundation provide it in one package (rpi-chromium) so I can make a script to download the package extract the plugin (libpepperflash.so) copy it to system directory then generate the default config file for chromium to activate it.
But maybe the best is to do some package to do it ?
What do you think about this idea to provide very easy installation of flash plugin ?

Enhancement (but maybe unstable, I need to test more) : Use the chromium-browser version from raspberry pi fundation
Raspberry pi fundation have a patched version of chromium with video acceleration decoding, I installed it on ubuntu mate and it work very well on Youtube 720p and maybe 1080p (I have a less big screen resolution) there is some errors inb console but video acceleration decoding seems to work :slight_smile:
It is armv6 version compiled but work, they publish the patch 4 month ago because I ask on github (for the 51 version) I can ask again for the new version (56) maybe we can compile an armv7 version with the patch and provide it to users ? It use video decoding with mmal for h264 videos. (So you need h264ify extention for youtube to force h264 over vp8 or vp9).

Just for fun
I manage to compile mpv with hardware video decoding and windowed and fullscreen support (so straight mpv not only fullscreen).
I read 720p Videos with no framedrop and 1080 with very very few on rpi3.
I use FKMS video driver which provide me opengl output and access to hardware video decoding.
I use SMPlayer frontend and it it a plesure because my rpi desktop looks like a real pc :slight_smile:
I must ask some change to mpv team because some options we need are deprecated in the last version (0.24), so I use 0.23.
I think it is too complicated for standard user to provide it (because I think FKMS driver is not too stable for now) but it is a good think for the future :slight_smile:


I wonder if Android apps can be installed using chromeium browser?

I want to use Slacker radio and can’t get to work.

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