Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 for the Raspberry Pi is coming soon!

Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 will be released next week with lots of new features and enhancements!

  • Automatic first boot partition resizing.
  • Updated to raspberrypi-firmware-1.20161215.
  • Updated to BlueZ 5.41, backported from Ubuntu 17.04.
  • Updated to MATE Desktop 1.16.1 by default, a Raspberry Pi exclusive.
  • Updated to nuScratch 20160915+1.
  • Updated to Sonic Pi 2.10.
  • Updated to ffmpeg 3.2 with hardware accelerated encoding and decoding.
  • Updated to omxplayer-0.3.7~git20161004~12b472e.
  • All the underlying GPIO libraries have been updated to current versions.
  • Disabled some unnecessary services to save CPU cycles and RAM.
  • Merged assorted platform tweaks from Raspbian.
  • The image has optimised partition boundaries and file system tweaks.
  • The image will now fit on 6GB, or larger, microSD cards.

Will this use the new ubuntu rolling HWE Kernel?

Is the image coming soon? you said a week or two ago it was coming?

Ubuntu 16.04.2 (all flavours) was delayed, again. Hopefully out tomorrow.

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For the Pi, the HWE graphics stack because we use the Raspberry Pi Foundation kernel currently.