Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 for the Raspberry Pi is coming soon!


Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 will be released next week with lots of new features and enhancements!

  • Automatic first boot partition resizing.
  • Updated to raspberrypi-firmware-1.20161215.
  • Updated to BlueZ 5.41, backported from Ubuntu 17.04.
  • Updated to MATE Desktop 1.16.1 by default, a Raspberry Pi exclusive.
  • Updated to nuScratch 20160915+1.
  • Updated to Sonic Pi 2.10.
  • Updated to ffmpeg 3.2 with hardware accelerated encoding and decoding.
  • Updated to omxplayer-0.3.7~git20161004~12b472e.
  • All the underlying GPIO libraries have been updated to current versions.
  • Disabled some unnecessary services to save CPU cycles and RAM.
  • Merged assorted platform tweaks from Raspbian.
  • The image has optimised partition boundaries and file system tweaks.
  • The image will now fit on 6GB, or larger, microSD cards.

Raspberry Pi MATE 16.04 Image Too Large for 8GB SDMC

Will this use the new ubuntu rolling HWE Kernel?


Is the image coming soon? you said a week or two ago it was coming?


Ubuntu 16.04.2 (all flavours) was delayed, again. Hopefully out tomorrow.


For the Pi, the HWE graphics stack because we use the Raspberry Pi Foundation kernel currently.