Ubuntu Mate 16.04 64-bit for Gizmo 2 SBC on MicroSD? How does one add SD driver to installation?

Hello all,
I am attempting to install Ubuntu Mate 16.04 64-Bit for use with/in my Gizmo 2 SBC, but it must run from a MicroSD card. How, during the install, do I have added drivers and programs (I need, but is apparently not available for Ubuntu 16.04, ia32-libs, I also need and are available - linux-headers-generic and dkms - These 3 in order to run the AMD ati radeon graphics card) install with the base installation system? I have attempted to boot and install from pendrive, pressing “Tab” when I have selected the Install option, but the edd=off option I add seems to destroy the OS, because from there forward it will no longer provide me the taskbars (even after reboot and when run from the USB drive as trying the OS), it only shows the desktop and on desktop icons there forward.
So, I need to allow Ubuntu Mate 16.04 64-Bit to boot from a MicroSD card (as the hard drive from which it will be run), and install all the components to allow the AMD ATI Radeon graphics device to function with the AMD Radeon graphics driver.

How do I accomplish these things? Installing to run from the MicroSD as the sole hard drive being most important.

Thank you for your time and assistance,


NOTE: I found these instructions from Ubuntu, but they are targeting a system with a SATA drive and an SD card. I need SD only, please: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromSD

Hi @monkeyman_stones,

I have no idea myself, maybe this site has something for you?: