Ubuntu Mate 16.04 Alpha 1 Bugs

I found some Bugs in Ubuntu mate 16.04 Alpha 1

 First is about Marco and 2 monitor setup

The second one is about welcome screen rendaring

I will post this bugs in 30 min . Anyone have the same problems?

Being a new guy on the block I hope I am correct in my observance. In LibreOffice on the Application menu under Libreoffice there is no entry for Libre Office Base and after Libre Office comes up it is listed in the left but seems to be linked to some Engrampa Archive Manager. Anyway I am unable to run Base Applications.

You are correct. I don’t ship LibreOffice Base in the default install. It is available in the repositories if you want it though.

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-base

@lah7 Should we add LibreOffice Base to Welcome in the Office category? Perhaps as an Alternative to: Microsoft Access?

Agreed, I’ll add that in. It’s something I’d install too, especially as it easily connects to MySQL databases. :slightly_smiling:

That sounds great. I am slowly moving away from Microsoft Windows OS and in the last 6 months have found alternatives for the windows programs that I need. Libre Office base is one of the programs. Thanks


Hi Don,

I always run the following terminal command (Ctrl + Alt + t) after a fresh install to pull in all the LO packages!:

sudo apt-get install libreoffice

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Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try.

Flash vids currently not working in all browsers!. UM 16.04 is up-to-date and all available flash packages are installed!. :frowning:

(Is this the official Alpha bugs report page?). :smiley:

I couldn’t exactly tell what the screen rendering issue is that APolihron is showing, but I filed a bug report for my 16.04 install for the issue, possibly the same or similar, of finding blotchy or rough rendering of images . . . whereas text data is perfectly crisp using ATI Rage 128 video card in the PPC Powermac 3,1. #1541082 is the number . . . call now if this effects you . . . leave a message . . . . . I have filed a few other bug reports for a few other issues.

I’ve added a bug report for apport-collect failing to collect . . . .

apport-collect fails to collect data to LP