Ubuntu Mate 16.04, Firefox & Thunderbird


Currently I run FFox 52.0.2 and TBird 38.6.0. as I have found that updating these packages causes them not to start. I now have them on “hold” when I update Mate, but these versions are getting long in the tooth, and for example my FFox won’t satisfactorily process Card payments.
Does anyone successfully run newer versions of these packages, and if so which are they and where can I download them.


On my Ubuntu MATE 16.04.5 LTS I’m running Firefox ESR 52.9.0 as it support LEGACY ADDONS.
I got it from PPA (ppa:jonathonf/firefox-esr-52). But you should know that this version will not receive any security updates.

I’m not using Thunderbird, so I have no information about it.



I’m running ff 63.0.3 and tb 60.2.1, both 64-bit, try install manually…



Before try install thunderbird save a backup of the dir /home/youruser/.thunderbird



This older thread chronicles Firefox’s armhf breakage starting around Firefox 55. Mozilla got things fixed and working for 18.04 but 16.04 and earlier still crash.

Take a look among these builds for a working Firefox 59.0 for 16.04. I haven’t built a newer Xenial one since May, because by that time Bionic had come out.

@h4wk says the new versions are working from the standard channels, which doesn’t match what I see so I wonder if he’s referring to something either not Xenial or not on the Pi :slight_smile:



I tested only on Mate Bionic…

The Google has some detailed tutorials…Anyone seen this page and tested?