Ubuntu Mate 16.04 Freezes after login

I have just installed Ubuntu Mate LTS and everytime after i loggin, ubuntu just get stocked, some times the cursor doesnt move, or the panels doesnt no respond, i can launch terminal throw shortcuts but almost any program works, like i want to reboot from terminal and it doesnt not respond.

I have try the burn the iso into the usb many times and the result is the same, also i tryed downloading another images and it doesnt work.

CPU: i7 6700HQ

  • KINGSTON SSD 120GB ( root folder and efi partition)
  • SEAGATE HDD 1TB (home folder and swap partition)

Hi @alfre096,

try running "dpkg" per the update guide (a cable network connection required!):

See the section about fixes using Welcome too!. :smiley:

Ok ill do it, thanks for the replay ! :smiley:

Hi @alfre096,

did you follow this advice when creating your bootable media?:


If you boot it into a live session either CD/DVD or USB, does it work? What kind of laptop do you have? Is it a Dell, Asus, Lenovo, etc.?

Well actually the problem is solved, what i did was:
connect the laptop to internet using ethernet cable, and as fast as i could (before the system starts freezing) i opened a terminal and update/upgrade the system (i think that solved the problem) no it works as it should (i guess) sometimes it freezes when im watching a video on youtube…
Anyways thanks everybody for all the support! Nice community :smiley:
Laptop model: DELL Inspiron 7559

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