Ubuntu Mate 16.04 write problem on SD Card

I am having trouble trying to flash the recent Mate version onto a 32GB SD card. It stuck at this screen forever.

The same thing happen with ddrescue and also no luck with win32diskimager. Please help

Several things come to mind: First, what is the 32G SD card? Try running h2testw, a free utility for W$ and Mac. See if y our SD card has the advertised capacity. Counterfeits abound in the marketplace, especially on auction sites. Brand names like San Disk and Kingston are good if sold in original packaging, by reputable dealers…New Egg, Amazon (most) and the like.
Second, if you have an OS running on the RPi, download the .img file to it…be sure to check the sha256sum on the compressed download first and run dd on the resultant .img file. Use “lsblk” to determine the correct target disk and of course you will need a uSD to USB dongle. Use “dd BS=4M if=yourfile.img of=/dev/sdx”.