Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Beta 1 is released

Unless you absolutely adore subtle differences in menus, buttons, checkboxes and dialog layouts , this could be considered the most boring beta release yet. :slight_smile:

Ubuntu MATE 16.10 is setting up a new foundation for the future of the distro with the move to GTK 3.

GTK... what's that?

GTK is a library for presenting your graphical user interface, There will be some subtle differences in appearance and behaviour, but will still be the same MATE Desktop.

The Heads-Up Display (HUD) that was planned has been postponed to 17.04 due to some serious issues. :bug:


How’s the user participation going? Are you guys getting plenty feedback on it? Or not enough?

I don’t plan to touch it until the end of the year, but if things are going rough, I surely could wear my white fur and become another lab rat.

Its not in too bad of shape. But never know, there’s a lot of changes going on under the hood.

So come join us, I dare you :slight_smile:

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How do you actually ugrade without reinstalling?

Just run the software updater or from the terminal:

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

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Thanks it was too unstable for me so I went back to 16.04. My computer would just freeze after a while.

Has this fixed the issues for AMD APU/GPU users who are stuck without support on 15.10?

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