Ubuntu MATE 16.10 daily 14-09-2016 & Virtual Desktops

Just installed ubuntu mate 16.10.
Virtual desk tops was available.
Increased the number of desktops and close. Boom all desktops right bottom gone
How to get them back please.
Thanks. Johan.

Are you using Marco or Compiz?
And where did you change the number of desktops? In the panel menu or somewhere else?

If you are using compiz you can’t change it there anymore, you will have to use compizconfig-setting-manager

How to know if compiz or marco.
Just downloaded the available daily and installed.
clicked on virtual - right click - preferences.

Open a terminal


and enter

update-alternatives --get-selections | grep x-window-manager

Running marco.
Unbelievable - this morning the virtual desktops are back with a bang.
On both bottom sides left & right and working in tandem.
How to get rid of the left side virtual desktops.
Thanks. Johan