Ubuntu MATE 16.10 just won't install correctly

Definitely some sort of locale problem. Either something wrong with the locale settings on the system or the getlocale module doesn’t recognize en_IL for some reason.

However, I can fix Welcome so that it can fallback to English instead of raising an exception and failing if the locale is unknown.

In the meantime, you should be able to workaround this by manually specifying the locale:

ubuntu-mate-welcome --locale=en

You don’t have to completely change the language layout, just install the Hebrew language pack!. :smiley:

Alright. Thanks i will be Checking on to see if the issue is solved.

Its probably also worth Noting the fact that the QT 4 Settings icon is missing in Ubuntu 16.10
this also happens when you upgrade from 16.04. However QT 4 Still Works. (worth noting)

Hi @Shy_tzedaka,

did you try "Welcome > Software > Fixes"?:

Have you made sure that you only have your own keyboard in the layout preferences?. (Control Center > Hardware > Keyboard > Layouts):

Yes i have, we are talking about a fresh install. Something that shouldn’t have Any issues what so ever. (atleast issues like these)

Hey. is it possible that this bug is now fixed. Or will be fixed in Ubuntu MATE 17.04? im asking this just to make sure the bug is already fixed.

Sorry, it’s still on the list of issues to fix, but it hasn’t been forgotten. :slight_smile:

At the moment, Welcome and Software Boutique development just restarted and currently in the process of being separated. It’ll definitely be fixed in 17.04. Perhaps 16.10 and 16.04 too, but neither of those packages have been updated for months. :confused:

As far as i know there is no need in 16.04 as it works Perfectly there. Thank you for your responce

Hello I’m asking to see if you have fixed the bug yet in release 17.04. I haven’t checked yet. Thanks

Hi, sorry this did get buried, but I committed a fix and will be available in the next update.

It’s simple, Welcome will not crash when gettext fails like your screenshot shows. Why this happens in the first place is a deeper issue (related with the python3-polib module)

Messaging from Quite an Late State. im Happy to Confirm that the Issue was Indeed Resolved. Having a Great time Using Ubuntu MATE so far!