Ubuntu Mate 16.10 Upgrade: Themes Broken

Hello All,

Before running the upgrade I noticed that there were issues with themes so I reset to what I thought was the default theme in 16.04 and upgraded. Now I’m on 16.10 (yay!) none of the themes I have, including the default, work properly. Window borders odd colours, text that cannot be changed, menus that don’t display properly (the function is ok if I guess where things are), pop up menus are unreadable and so on.

My guess is that I need to load up GT3 themes, so my question and issue is how can I manually get rid of my old themes, get back to basics and load up (install) some compatible ones please? I know about gnome-look etc but how can i be sure that they are compatible?

This may seem a simple task, but I’m just someone who uses UM, I don’t often get into the configuration. I can do it and am happy to, just I forget how… google and searching this forum has not shed light so far.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @andyp6,

have you down any custom work on any themes and have you tried all different themes?, have you installed any graphic card drivers and if so, for what GPU?.

It might be a case of missing dependencies?, try the following terminal command (Ctrl + Alt + t) and do a restart then try playing a around with themes:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -f

Hi WM thanks for the reply, I did check dependencies and actually did run that command, albeit separately, so I was pleased I hadn’t forgotten some things. You are correct I had a custom theme but I have tried to reset everything back to non custom, particularly with ambient-mate but there are just small things that are not right with all the themes standard or not, (text on “applications places system” is without spaces) , menus have no arrows or automatic pop ups of sub menus, menu backgrounds colours that I wasn’t expecting…things like that.

So my idea was to try to get rid of the customisations which may have crept in, how to reset back to a default state and I can go from there. if there is an easy way, let me know please.

That said I have almost got it where I want it, but spending far too long fiddling about with multiple settings of windows, mate tweak, theme customisations…just the panel colour to get right but I can live with it for now.

An upside is that the problem I had with libreoffice overtyping itself in cells has now gone away… :slight_smile:


Although one thing I've not solved is the text colour for the clock, clues?

HI @andyp6,

did you install any GPU drivers?. :smiley:

Hi WM, I wasn't able to reply, away for work all week. No, no additional GPU drivers. I believe the system is using the intel proprietary driver, output of sudo lshw and the software sources below. This was exactly the same as the previous version.

If there is anything else to check, let me know.


Hi Andy,

take a look at your software settings and check your updates:

You can also run this terminal command (Ctrl + Alt + t) but check your settings first, it may help?:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -f

Let us know if it helps. :head_bandage: