Ubuntu MATE 17.04 Alpha 2 is out

It’s out! Take a look at the release notes below for all the details :slight_smile:

Sorry the release notes are delayed but I’ve not been well :nauseated_face:


You forgot to add “Ask your Doctor if Ubuntu-MATE 17.04 is right for you”! at the bottom! :smiley:

Geeze, I watch too many commercials. :wink:

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got it done. Installed on 80G hard drive (have 3) that had latest Zorin. Didn’t really like it. This alpha installed perfectly. Have it running with some added SW. Like Synaptic and a few other essentials. So far runs great. Boots fast and restarts quickly. Good work. Only problem wouldn’t hook internet with my woreless. Had to plug in another one and it worked.

Been using it for ~7 days as my primary system, and it’s stable as all get-out. Everything works. There are the usual crash notices, but I had them with 16.04.

@Wimpy I see that the chromium bug with compiz, when chromium is not using system’s title bar and borders, is not fixed yet. All I need to fix it, is to uncheck “Keep previews of minimized windows” in “Workarounds” from compiz config settings manager. Will this (or some similar fix) become default in later releases?

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