Ubuntu MATE 17.04 Beta 2 is out!


You wouldn’t believe such a small thing is almost impossible to fix.


@Wimpy @monsta, Maybe the solution is not struggling to fix the issue, instead circumvent it?

Proposed re-design:

  • Replace option slider with a combobox
  • Remove ‘Activate screensaver when computer is idle’ (combobox ‘Never’ option (see below) is equivalent to un-checking this. Also improves usability by making options easier to understand)

GIMP mock-up

Offering the following combobox options (same as Cinnamon) should suffice?

Never 1 minute 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes 1 hour


Actually, it might be a good idea. For example, power preferences has such combobox instead of slider, and nobody complained yet. :slight_smile:

But if we do it, it’s for the next release. We still need to fix the issue in 1.16 and 1.18.


Thanks for your encouraging feedback (and multiple likes from others). Your reply also helped me realise I needed to make a correction (spinner -> combobox).

Funny you mention power preferences, checked there first to see how user options were presented, then used a power preference combobox for my GIMP mock-up. :slight_smile:

Text and slider range change as a temporary fix for 1.16 and 1.18

  • From
Regard the computer as idle after:
  • To
Minutes until computer is considered idle:
  • Then limit the slider so only a numerical value is shown, with a range of 1-60


I had the same problem. This is still why I am still on 16.04.


First time Mate user, thinking this is going to be my daily driver now, only thing I am missing is a keybinding for super key to open the new brisk menu and it looks like there is a feature request for it already. Amazing work.


@Wimpy Did you guys check 32 bit iso properly before release this time? It just either or takes over 2 hours for installation. May be it has something to do with swap file. But even with a dedicated swap partitions the result is the same. I also saw many bugs in ubiquity remains unfixed. In my experience worst beta release in recent times.


We did. No issues reported with Ubiquity or the time it takes to complete the 32-bit installation. Did you file a bug?


What’s command terminal for system setting? because my PC weird, which it say two displays, but i have one monitor. so i am trying to fix the system setting for the display.


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