Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2 is out, and it's a biggy

Welcome Unity 7 refugees! This is the Ubuntu flavour you've been searching for

We're not happy, proud, pleased or ambivalent to announce this alpha. No, not us. The is our most "Super" alpha ever and we're ecstatic to present this fine release for your distro delectation. Ubuntu MATE 17.10 is brimming with new toys to play with. Read on to find out more...


I like it a lot. Great work, guys.

One question: once the final version is there, can I upgrade from this alpha or would I need to re-install?

Been using it since it was announced and it’s been working without issue. Great release :slight_smile:

It will update itself when the time comes. I’ve been doing it since 16.04.

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You can upgrade from the Alpha.

Enjoying Alpha 2! Testing on my spare box and will switch my main box from Ubuntu 17 when the release version is, um, released. Charlie.

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Great release but a bug is bothering me, the right button of my touchpad as the same as the left button on my HP Stream 11 I’m testing it. I don’t really know why.