Ubuntu MATE 17.10 (Artful) - Call for Testers

Hello everyone!

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 is nearing Alpha 2, and we need as many people as possible playing with the new version and running into bugs so we can Squash them early! :bug: :hammer:

I see you're already brimming with excitement but are held back by questions, let's try and do something about that!

  • "What do I need?"

  • "What should I do?"

    • Login on the Ubuntu ISO Tracker. If you're not familiar with it read up on how it works.
    • Follow the instructions to download the Ubuntu MATE Artful ISO and verifying it.
    • Pick and run a test procedure for installation.
    • When the installation is complete, assuming everything went as expected and you can login in the new installation submit a "Passed" result.
  • "Is that all?"

Nah! Actually the most important part comes after that. Play around!
If you find bugs, report them on launchpad.

If you need guidance come say hi on the forum and we'll help you out!


Or you can just use it as your daily driver :wink:


No not really. I think you meant this as some kind of joke, but we had people say things like this all the time on PowerPC. Very frustrating. No, using it, is not testing it. Submitting the test case results is the only testing that matters in the end.

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@veggrower I was just referring to putting it straight on the drive instead of using a VM… though not standard practice, still works as long as your reporting the bugs.