Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Beta 1 is out and it's amazing!

  • Slick Greeter? - Check!
  • Global Menus? - Check!
  • Heads-up Display (HUD)? - Check!
  • Super key to active menu launchers? - Check!
  • Functional alternative to Unity 7 for those that want it and a traditional desktop for those that don't? - Check!
  • Read on to find out more...


Sweet! So … guess I’ll skip installing that 17.10 Alpha .iso I downloaded yesterday :slight_smile:

Thinking about building a Frankenstein box from hardware in my garage so I can try to keep up. That HUD thingy must be tried.


Outstanding work from the UM team, as usual


Hi ! Just installed this beta on my laptop, works great !
Very nice work indeed !

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I am using the Ubuntu 17.04 MATE tweak for the Cupertino desktop. Is that still available for the new Ubuntu MATE 17.1? Is it simple to update an installed Ubuntu MATE 17.04 to 17.10?

Everyone involved (especially Wimpy) have done an amazing job at improving this distro. Thank you for all that you do to better our computing experience! I can’t express enough gratitude for your dedication to this project.


Really quite excellent! I’ve now installed Beta 1 on my main box after running Alpha for some time on my test rig. Thank you for your hard work.

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