Ubuntu MATE 17.10 is released

It’s here! :tada:

After six months of tireless work we present Ubuntu MATE 17.10, by far the best release we’ve ever produced. I’d like to extended my sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to this fine release. The development theme for Ubuntu MATE 17.10 has been delivering several different desktop layouts each providing a distictive workflow.

– Martin Wimpress

Dive straight into the release notes, there’s plenty to talk about:

The Download page has been revamped so it’s even easier to pick the version that’s right for you.

  • Support ends July 2018.
  • 17.04 users can upgrade via the Software Updater.
  • If you’re on 16.04 LTS, the next recommended upgrade path is 18.04 LTS in 6 months. To switch to 17.10 anyway (remember, this is an interim release with a shorter support window), you can change this setting in Software & Updates → Updates → “Any new version”, followed by upgrading sequentially.

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Quick heads-up that the download page still states ; " This is a development pre-release
It is better suited for developers and testers who want to help with Ubuntu MATE QA, or to provide testing feedback and file bug reports." for the 17.10 link.

Yep, waiting for Travis to finish updating the site. (I thought I pushed the amendment earlier!)

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Congratulations on a lot of good work! I don’t get around a lot but I can’t think of another DE that switches complete layouts this easily.

Is there an option not to use the global menu?

Today i tried Ubuntu MATE 17.10. Shame i had to see that you can still not change the firefox startpage. This problem is very old. But it isn’t solved. For new beginners of UM i think it will be irritating.

Thanks. Looks really great.

When will be the release for raspberry pi 3 available?

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I upgraded from 17.04, but I didn’t noticed any improvements yet.
Okay, I got newer LOo, newer Nvidia driver, etc. but that’s all what I noticed.
It’s a bit disappointing since Mutiny is still far behind Unity’s look and usability, and GNOME is a crap, so I still don’t know what should I use to replace Unity.

Have you tried stock Ubuntu 17.10?

Gnome can be customize in a close way of Unity, just take a look on Ubuntu 17.10 and the work they did !
Many others DE could be customize too, such as Mate of course. If the Munity is not ok for you i guess you could install plank or Docky make it behave like ubuntu Unity Dock and install the global menu from Ubuntu Mate 17.10 !
I am on Debian 9 right now with gnome i just can show you this as a exemple

I will try UM 17.10 but no picture yet

Wish this could help

Yep, Gnome with extensions were the first thing I tried, but the result weren’t enough good for me, then I decided to move to Mate after I tried several DEs, but it’s still quite far from my needs. (Btw I used Plank, it’s good, but far from perfect).
Anyway I decided to move to KDE, since it looks more modern, and works better than Mate.
Still not a perfect Unity replacement, but so far this is the closest. I’m still new to KDE, so I may will be able to move even closer to Unity’s user experience. Or at least this is what I hope.

Kde can be configure close to Unity this is for sure ! Just edit Menu put a task bar to the left with “icons only” and you go ! there is also a kind of global menu for Kde.
XFCE has DocBarX

Also as I tried various desktops, KDE has the best UI scaling, what is really important to me.

love it, only problen im having is the notification area. when I make my own panel it doesnt show anything. the applet that is used in Redmond is too wide and some icons are huge.

Well done & Thank you to the Ubuntu-MATE team

I had a play on the [last] weekend with the 17.10 release and it was amazing. I had no intention of keeping it beyond the weekend, alas it was so good it replaced the 16.04 Ubuntu on the laptop on which I now type (and this wasn’t my test machine either - your superb work caused me an unintended upgrade).

It wasn’t just one thing, but a multitude

  • overall feel; it well finished, glossy/shiny, or just wow factor…
  • addition of redshift
  • though the easy panel tweak (mutiny et.al.) would be my my favorite

i was never a fan of unity (mostly living in xfce or mate) but the left-side dock just works on a single widescreen display; and ‘mutiny’ is my current layout on this now 17.10 laptop.

Well done & much thanks & applause to the Ubuntu MATE team.

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