Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Wallpaper Competition

Members of the Ubuntu MATE Community, we are announcing our first competition for all you artists out there!

We'd like you to design the new default wallpaper for 17.10!


  • All original works please.
  • Minimum resolution is 2560x1440.
  • Must be licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Other Things...

  • We'd like to encourage abstract and digital photography.
  • The Ubuntu MATE logo :ubuntu_mate: must be present.
  • However, the Ubuntu MATE text is optional.
  • Also include a copy of your wallpaper without the logo/text too.
  • We assume the winner will be happy to send the original (XCF/PSD file) to the Ubuntu MATE developers.
  • There is no limit on entries -- we like quality over quantity :slight_smile:

We'll update this post should any rules be clarified or updated.


:postbox: Please post to the Artwork category and add the wallpaper-comp-17-10 tag.

:confetti_ball: The winner gets fame and glory from the thousands of Ubuntu MATE users out there.

:clock: The deadline for submissions is 13 July 2017.

:date: We will then pick the finalists and post a poll for the community to vote. Votes will be open for a week until 20 July 2017, a week before Alpha 2 is released.

:paintbrush: Even if you're not picked as the default wallpaper, your submission may still be included in 17.10 and future releases!

Good luck!

Need Assets?

You can find copies of the assets in the ubuntu-mate-artwork repository.


We've been particularly inspired by these lately...


:point_right: Votes are now open!

Votes remain open until 20 July 2017, a week before Alpha 2.

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:ballot_box_with_check:  Poll closed

We have a new default for 17.10:

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