Ubuntu MATE 17.10 will ship a snap by default

Ubuntu MATE is pioneering pre-installed snap support by being the first distro to ship a snap by default. For the Ubuntu MATE 17.10 release the pulsemixer snap, a console based mixer for PulseAudio, will be installed by default.

The daily images of Ubuntu MATE 17.10 are now seeded with the pulsemixer snap. We encourage you to download the currently daily image, install it and ensure pulsemixer works correctly.

Pre-installing snaps by default in the desktop images was an outcome of the Ubuntu Rally that took place in New York a couple of weeks ago. Installing the pulsemixer snap by default in Ubuntu MATE 17.10 is being used as a pilot and what we learn will help the Ubuntu Desktop team with their efforts to ship snaps by default in Ubuntu 18.04.

Adding pulsemixer to the default Ubuntu MATE 17.10 has not significantly affected the size of the iso image. We chose pulsemixer because it is a small, useful application, that has never been available in the Debian or Ubuntu archives.


I wonder when we can expect the first GUI application snap installled by default … 18.04 maybe?

Just curious — what does CFT mean?

Based on the post’s edit, I’d say Call For Testing. I haven’t heard of that abbreviation till now, actually. :thinking:

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Yes, that must be it. I was racking my brain :grimacing: and google didn’t help!

Testing it now …

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Noooo :frowning:
I don’t like snaps and flatpaks because they don’t work well on my hardware.
My one of the first commands after installing Ubuntu is sudo apt-get remove snapd :frowning:

Are you able to clarify why you don’t like them other than they don’t work well for you? Is there a specific error you get that you can give to help improve or fix the situation? (The space-saving alone when using snaps is phenomenal.)

Thanks Wimpy I’m loving UM so fare looking for to using it as my daily distro. Great job

@Wimpy : A question I have had trouble answering for myself is to understand how/where you go to keep track of:
- Which things are available as Snaps
- Where the best (current) locale is to search for them (a proper Registry if you will)
- How to know the “good” ones from the bad ones (VNC being an example) where the snap is old and probably has unfixed bugs the Apt repository versions will not have

I should think a posting or podcast on the topic would be an excellent suggestion now that it appears SNAPs are (by definition with this posting) becoming mainstream.

I may have missed it, but I’ve been listening eagerly for a dedicated (official) discussion on this topic and have yet to see it.

Is this a new role for the Ubuntu (or Ubuntu MATE) Software Centers?

Love the new version, does appear this is a bit of a landmark happening in desktop Linux.

Validate your complaint please. If you have a problem, then help people like yourself by accepting progress and allowing the community a means to debug your issue.

Snapd…why not Flatpak in the future LTS release :slight_smile:

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