Ubuntu-mate-18.04.1 install crash

i am traying to istall ubuntu-mate-18.04.1 but every time it crashes during hdd partitioning.

if i chose erase hdd , system freeze during next step of partitioning.

if i chose something else , it crashes and freeze during hdd partitioning and sometime shows massage 0 byte hdd.

i have almost tried 20 times but to no avail.

the ubuntu image is not damaged and i have used 2 flash usb with 2 usb ports, i used rufus 3.1 yet still no success

my laptop new brand asus X541UJ
Intel Core i5 - 7200u @ 2.5ghz - 3.10 GHz
Intel HD 620 and Nvidia Geforce 920M

please help

I would try downloading the iso again

the iso image is not damaged why redownloading ?

what difference does it makes ?