Ubuntu MATE 18.04.1 & Winamp


I use Clementine for music tracks, but thought I’ll give Winamp a try… and IT WORKS (via WINE). Unbelievable! I’m simply thrilled :slight_smile:


Ah, I’m not the only one. I have an old laptop plugged into my stereo so I can listen to all the music on my server (~ 500GB) and actually enjoy it. Now, If I could only get the media library to work…

It’s frustrating as everything else, including the cue/flac plugin, works perfectly.


did you ever try audacious the native linux alternative?


Actually, I have. Audacious doesn’t handle cue/flacs and Winamp had a better EQ. It’s not bad, though and I do use it on my main laptop for when I’m away.


Yes, I used Winamp daily when I was Windows-only before 2007, and a Win / Linux dual-booter after that. Always liked it over Windows Media Center and successive Win Media software. Now that I’m strictly Linux, I use Clementine (it works beautifully on 32-bit machines), which I prefer over Rhythmbox and even VLC. Winamp was very user friendly and easy to learn and navigate. Some software grabs you in a nice way from the beginning, and Winamp - my opinion - is one of them. Winamp works well on 32-bit computers, too!


QMMP can look more Winamp than Audacious
has cue and flac plugins
and will load skins files: .tar.gz .tgz .tarbz2 .zip and .wsz
and runs native in Linux so will have options to add folders etc to queue in file manager
which may not be possible in wine with the original llama


Not really, no. There have been instructions on many web pages on how to do it, but I’ve never had any success

Looks interesting. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.