Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS is out!

Sorry babe I’ll be late on the date
'cause I’am downloading the ubuntu mate

My heart still brims in the fever
'cause I have you and the bionic beaver



Thank you to all who created 18.04 UM, It is a very good release imo


I’d do the upgrade to 18.04, but… hibernate / resume from hibernate does not work. Doesn’t matter what kernel (4.15x or 4.16.x) I install. And this on all 3 PCs, with fresh Ubuntu (MATE, GNOME) 18.04. Issue is not related to MATE, it’s Ubuntu related.

Issues have already been reported but no solution by now.
Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate work perfectly in Ubuntu MATE17.10 / Linux Mint 18.3 / Debian 9 using kernel 4.15.x / 4.16.x.

Will stick with Ubuntu 17.10 until the issue with Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate is solved, or until I decide to move to another distro (I would hate it, because Ubuntu MATE was “my home” for the last 20 months).

I’ve seen Ubuntu MATE 18.04 in action (always fresh install) and I’m really impressed / thrilled! Everything works as expected, no single issue, faster than on previous Ubuntu MATE versions…simply perfect!

Congratulations and Thank You so much for this great release!

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Mate is perfect!!!

Thank you for all of your hard and excellent work!!!

Okay, good job is done.

As you can expect, many fans are in the process of reinstallation
Today, I had many system errors that were sent automatically for analysis

Upgrade (via terminal) from 16.04 to 18.04 did not even start

The first installation in native language went bad.
First I was upset by an idiotic translation
We can still regulate this for the future

However, initial localization in native language later caused problems with changing to English localizations

Reinstallation had to be done, now in English and after installation do whatever you want

Adding keyboard layouts does not work properly.
It must be started several times to be accepted

MATE Tweak - panel layout also does not always work properly
When an blank panel is obtained, it is necessary to select the reset panel with the right mouse button

And something positive:
drivers for an intel graphic card are finally right
Tux Racer is very fast :smiley:

I hope I did not make many mistakes in writing, I just want to help
Generally - an impressive system


Any timeline for when hplip is slated for 18.04 release compatibility? v3.18.4 apparently has “18.04 beta” compatibility: https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/release_notes

(ref: this thread.)

Hello again!

  1. Screensaver must be opt out or we will get stuck in a unstoppable process.
    Hard power off is needed.

  2. After entering password the auth. key is still present

  1. And there is HugeFox icon no matter is it MARCO on/off or we change layout, neither the graphical theme...

I made a thread about that issue last month: Firefox v59 has a ridiculously-large static desktop icon?
Someone mentioned thunderbird is also affected: Thunderbird with HUGE icons/emoticons (MATE 18.04)

…my guess it’s an issue with the emojione font set.

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thank you, I’ll check it out now

when can we expect 18.04.1?

I also had a problem with MATE TWEAK selecting hidpi (now is set to regular)
I hardly found a tip to reset the configuration

dconf reset -f /

screensaver now works, I’m totally confused

Anyway, I love this MATE so my basic experience helped me overcome some problems from which the beginners would give up


I’ve played around with it for a bit on a live usb - looks and feels amazing! Congrats on an excellent job!

I’m not sure if anyone else is having issues with the Torrents download, but I’m not able to use it. The Direct download links work, but nothing comes down via the magnet link from the download page.

  • Ok, things seem to be working now. I tried it on another machine at my house, and I’m not sure if it was a co-incidence or what, but things are working as they should.

Please disregard.

I must repeat this - after reseting the MATE config almost all things are back on their right place and works normaly without any of mentioned (weird) symptoms above
For an example setting of additional keyboard layouts is normal again, no single complaint…

APP GRID is added manually because is not offered in Software Boutique

  1. YT-DOWNLOADER with GUI (was offered in 16.04 Boutique)
  2. Compiz Manager (to rotate destktop)

And again - drivers for my old graphic card are fantastic!
Tux Racer is fast even there is a lot of snow
SuperTux Kart is also welcome for testing purposes - on 16.04 didnt work, now is ok

So, reset the config and save the nerves


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Thank you Ubuntu-MATE team. You rock and so does your distro. Whimpy, I liked your recent guest appearance on Destination Linux. Some awesome 18.04 info shared.

Again, THANKS!

Congratulations. It’s beautiful.

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Just excellent. Thank you all. In my point of view almost enterprise quality.

Awesome Thanks, I love using this Flavor!

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nice surprise after installing chromium

https://start.ubuntu-mate.org/ MATE START PAGE :smiley:

manualy is added as a start page in Firefox

light and dark mode are also useful


p.s. if someone face the issue of slow starting chromium web browser, just change (in the settings) layout of browser to GTK

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Flawless upgrade! Leave It To Beaver… er I mean Wimpy to release another great upgrade! :smiley:

Torrent-tracker stats at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ show that:

UM 18.04 is on 2nd place after Xubuntu on x86:

UM 18.04 is on 3rd place after Xubuntu on x86_64:

I think it is great result :slight_smile: I'll continue to seed.
Thank you for release and all your work, @Wimpy !

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