Ubuntu MATE 18.04 on Raspberry Pi 3 B won't boot into GUI


I flashed Ubuntu MATE 18.04 onto my microSDHC card and booted my Raspberry Pi 3 B with it.
Unfortunately I do net get any output on my monitor which is connected via a HDMI cable.

The SD card is working fine and the Raspberry Pi seems to boot, as it got assigned a network IP address.

I tried to boot with my old Ubuntu MATE 16.04 and there I have a output on my monitor.

What can I do to fix this problem? Is this a bug in Ubuntu MATE 18.04?


This one is a bit tricky -
did you have the monitor on before you booted?
What res did you have under 16.04?
You might be able to get things going if you have a look in the SDCard FAT partition for config.txt and edit the display parameters there.
I assume that you won't be able to SSH in as you haven't yet been able to configure the system


The monitor was connected before boot.

I experimented with the hdmi settings in the config.txt file, but it did not work. I continued to have a black screen. Ubuntu 16.04 booted with Full HD resolution.

I ended up installing the Ubuntu server image for Raspberry Pi and installing the mate desktop afterwards. That worked but now I don't have the full resolution and setting everything up is more work.