Ubuntu MATE 18.10 beta amd64 ISO stuck on VirtualBox 5.1.38 (UM 16.04 LTS host) - is it just me?

I have just downloaded Ubuntu MATE 18.10 beta amd64 ISO via torrent file.

As it is torrent, its integrity is OK. I double checked with Check disk integrity from boot menu. It is really OK.

But it does not boot on my VirtualBox 5.1.38 (UM 16.04 LTS host) neither in Try or Install modes.
VM RAM is 1.5 Gb (tested also with 4 Gb), HDD is 12 Gb.

Changed quiet silent to INIT_VERBOSE=y verbose does not help. It shows black screen.

Sometimes it boots, sometimes not. But any other VMs start normally.

Is it just me? Do you have any race condition in kernel or in user-space? @Wimpy @vkareh

You did read the release notes, right? See - https://ubuntu-mate.org/blog/ubuntu-mate-cosmic-beta/ where it says that the iso may not boot on virtualbox - This appears to impact Ubuntu (proper) more than Ubuntu MATE. It is an intermitent problem on Ubuntu MATE and simply resetting the VM may work on the next boot. If not, press a key when the initial boot prompt (Man and Keyboard) is displayed, then press F6 and select nomodeset and press ENTER to boot.

Good luck Norbert_X.

Exact same 16.04/VBox 5.1.38 unable to boot the ISO. After trying a lot of settings I happen to reboot the host and it magically booted and I installed it.

The VM 5.1 installed version hasn’t had a hiccup BUT I’ve found no way to share clipboards in 5.1 - it flat won’t work. I booted a test partition of 18.04 with VBox 5.2 and installed Guest Additions 5.2 and clipboard sharing worked. Ran it in 5.1 and it works there, too. Go figure.

Both VBox versions act strange on Marco (Adaptive compositor) the default. Moving windows has a big lag. That’s been about it.

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