Ubuntu MATE 18.10 Beta is out!

Ubuntu MATE 18.10 is a modest, yet strategic, upgrade over our 18.04 release. Check out the release notes below to learn how 18.10 will impact Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2. Especially if you have an AMD GPU. Definitely come and find out more if you have AMD graphics :smiley:


Thank you so much Wimpy for making Ubuntu mate one of the best distros out today


How do we upgrade to the Beta for testing?

Are we going to see 18.04 for the Raspberry Pi?


“Are we going to see 18.04 for the Raspberry Pi?”

Stop asking the same question. Yes there will be. Please before asking a question search on the forum to see if it’s answered.

I have NOT asked the same question - indeed I haven’t asked any questions for over a year.
If you think there is an answer you could have included a reference, because I can’t find any definitive statement!

There are no Announcements about the Pi - the last was February 2017.

Indeed I was beginning to wonder if support for the Pi has been abandoned - more than 6 months after its release there is no image for the current model of Raspberry Pi.

See - When will Ubuntu Mate 18.04 be released for Raspberry Pi? and also see - Is bionic coming to raspberry pi 3? These messages are on Support & Help/Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 category. Wonder no more Milliways.


Ran LiveUSB on my Dell Core Duo 2 - no issues at all, besides the (same as 18.04) need to change panel to something else before Traditional, as default -> Traditional directly results in no icons in panels. So excellent!

My question is, at what point will an Upgrade from 18.04 be available? If it is a long while then I’ll install 10.10. But if it is fairly soon I could wait and test the upgrade process (which often seems to get less testing).

Any ideas where in the process Upgrade via Software Updater should appear?

After a few days when 18.10 it’s release

Bummer! No way to beta test an upgrade path ahead of time then.

But thanks for the quick reply.

Not sure what you mean. I downloaded the ISO when I got advanced notice on the Patreon site. I’ll see what happens when I Xfer it to a stick.

There is no “upgrade” path for any beta. You must install a beta version just as you would install any linux OS.

It is possible to “upgrade” to the latest development release (18.04 -> 18.10), but please do so with caution. If it breaks, you keep all the pieces.

sudo update-manager -d

It is usually highly recommended to perform a clean install so there isn’t problems with configuration between final releases and development releases.

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I figured that such was the case, so I did a full backup, installed, and restored from the backup. For the record, the backup restored perfectly, and I was automatically signed into Firefox, Vivaldi, and Mailspring, among others. My first experience with restoring right after an install, and it went very smoothly. Very impressed. The beta version appears to be pretty stable; I did file a bug on launchpad, but otherwise it’s nice.


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