UBUNTU MATE 18.10 OS laptop speaker couldn't play sound(Windows10 can play sound)


hi, world friends, please help!!!

My laptop Multimedia controller is :
Intel Corporation Atom/Celeron/Pentium Processor x5-E8000/J3xxx/N3xxx Series Imaging Unit (rev 36)

  1. Themultimedia controller plays sound with the laptop emmbeded speaker in Windows 10, but stops playing sound after the fresh installation of the UBUNTU MATE 18.10 LTS.

  2. PulseAudio doesn’t provide “Analog Stereo Output` or speaker output options”, and all output option are HDMI

  3. System profile and Benchmark reports all devices in working status founded nothing wrong either with hardware or drivers

  4. In the sound setting option, the multimedia controller is there and it is turned on

  5. Tried all kind of Tips, and the Ubuntu mate 18.10 was 100% updated.

  6. Excuted “Alsamixer” found the sound card "│ Card: Intel HDMI/DP LPE Audio F1: Help │
    "has no any controls.

Does this mean Ubuntu mate 18.10 installed wrong drivers itself?

Where I can download the correct driver?

4 hours later, I found this “no sound” issue accurately was the BUG had already been reported addressed by Ubuntu developer team, see evidence BUG report link below:


Why this BUG effects Ubuntu Mate??

However, the overall experience of the Mate 18.10 is EXCELLENT, that comparing with the Window 10, the Ubuntu MATE 18.10 is 15 times fast than Windows 10, that I proud to the Ubuntu develop team, but now I am feeling a little bit frustration with the sound problem.

Could I have a member of the Ubuntu Mate 18.10 come here to help me out please!!!

Help! please! I’m waiting for help online.


Soo 18.10 it’s not lts, second you are using a 64 bit os?


yes, 64 bit Ubuntu mate18.10