Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Final Release is out!

Ubuntu MATE 19.10 is a significant improvement over Ubuntu MATE 18.04 and 19.04. The theme of this release is to address as many “paper-cut” issues as possible. Every new feature in Ubuntu MATE 19.10 has been added to address bugs or poor user experience. Many long standing paper-cuts are finally resolved.


Thank you for the new version ! Always glad to see my favorite distro advancing.
I just downloaded it and tried to install it in a VirtualBox machine but there seem to be a problem.
I start it and I see for a few seconds the logo with the five dots 'moving', and after that I get a black screen and it just stays like that.
Do you know what happens ?
Thank you !

Unless you're using a recent VBox build, it probably won't work. 6.0.12 works for me and others.

If you still have problems, remove "quiet splash" from the command line in the GRUB menu and you'll be able to see where it hangs, roughly.

Many thanks arQon ! I've installed 6.0.14 and it worked fine.

Really nice work! I couldn't get software updater to show the 19.10 upgrade, but software and updates > Press Alt+F2 > Enter update-manager -d worked. Seems a tad snappier than 19.04.

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The blog says to use "update-manager -c" or " /usr/lib/ubuntu-release-upgrader/check-new-release-gtk", but it does not work. Work only "update-manager -d".

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I just ran that command and it clearly says in the release notes "THIS VERSION IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT DO NOT INSTALL ON PRODUCTION MACHINES"

So I hit cancel.

Is 19.10 not out yet?

Thanks, jmarkus. Just upgraded to 19.10. Very nice, works beautifully.

Depending on your download server, it can sometimes take a few days (or weeks?) for the update mechanisms to see there's a new Ubuntu release available. 19.10's packages are in their final state, so it is safe to use update-manager -d to upgrade right away.

Dear lah7,

Thank you very much for that, same issue here.

very best,


Don't know whether this is the right place to ask this but...
Is it safe to upgrade from 18.04 to 19.10?

The laptop is oldish, so want to make sure it's safe before upgrading.

AMD Trurion 64 x2
NVIDIA Geforce Go 6100
1024mb of RAM


You can upgrade from 18.04 LTS, but it will involve another hoop as the updater normally will want to upgrade to 19.04 first, then 19.10... 2 upgrades! That said, you can bypass 19.04:

Upgrades can be hit or miss, not because of the hardware but generally because of configuration changes in the software. I'd recommend backing up (imaging) your whole system first, just in case.

If stability is important, then I'd recommend waiting for 20.04 LTS next year, where the upgrade from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS will be rigorously tested.

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I've heard great things about Ubuntu MATE 19.10 on Destination Linux and several of JB's podcasts. Now I finally got some time to try it out, just finished downloading it :slight_smile:
Wimpress and the team get a lot of praise for this "paper cut" release. Good job!

The next LTS is 20.04 and it comes out next summer'ish? Can't wait. The next release will be my five year anniversary with Ubuntu MATE (and Linux).

EDIT: This is really embarrassing. Used Ubuntu MATE for over 4 years now and I never knew that the release number is the year and month. I learned it yesterday from a YT video called " Installing the First Version of Ubuntu on the $5 Windows 98 PC", I thought it just was some random numbers. So 20.04 will be out in April 2020, not in the summer.

Ubuntu MATE 19.10 is great, just like all the other releases(I don't do much with the OS, just use it to run the software I use).


Just installed 19.10 on the second PC and I noticed that on first boot after installing, the Send Telemetry window and the welcome window doesn't show up. It showed up when I rebooted.

Shouldn't those windows come up on the first boot?

Hey all you awesome people. I haven't been using Ubuntu-MATE as a daily driver but have it installed on my server for various reasons. It was an awesome update from 19.04 to 19.10. The only thing I had to change on reboot was the order of the UEFI boot partitions. They were changed during/after upgrade. Pretty darn painless and WHAT a great job all!
Thanks for all your hard work.

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My upgrade to 19.10 has been very fluid. I am very satisfied.
Mi cambio a 19.10 ha sido muy fluido. Estoy muy satisfecho

I moved out from gnome and I am super satisfied with Ubuntu Mate build. This release installation was super fluent. I don't like the green though :slight_smile: first thing I did is switch to Blue-submarine

Having just installed this release to see what the papercut situation is, all I can say is 'Wow!'

I am seriously impressed. Prett much every visual papercut that has been a bother for me is fixed. I'm still banging on the floor and kicking the tires of the install but so far I am not seeing any of the issues that used to bug me. I installed the Ambiantux theme from Mate-Look.org and with the exception of having to switch icon themes it 'just' worked. Do you know how long it's been since it was just that easy?

Panel themes work, I can see the time and the indicators in the top panel under traditional without feeling cramped. The layout is perfect. I wish there were a way to adjust the clock to display the day of the week and date in the system tray (probably will look in mate-conf-editor for that) and I had a crash the first time I tried to install NTP from the clock but I fixed it by installing manually from Synaptics.

Really so far the biggest complaint I have (such as it is) is I miss the sheer speed in booting up that I got from when I switched to Solus-Mate for a while but it isn't worth giving up the sheer elegance on display here. Thank you very much for this release!

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I just want to point out an error on your download page for Ubuntu Mate 19.10 for GPD Pocket 2 & GPD WIN 2 which currently has the same SHA256SUM checksum as Ubuntu Mate 19.04.
I think for 19.10 it should be 68880c337b75595b91eca3e37c821c97dfe10b01a53b4460cb1a329869a66ae9

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