Ubuntu mate 20.04 takes too long to boot (3min)

hello everyone I quit windows and I installed ubuntu mate 20.04 yesterday but my laptop used to boot in 15 seconds back on win 8.1 and it takes more than 3 minutes to boot with ubuntu I cant understand how could this happen please help

post output of systemd-analyze blame

Welcome, @Magdy_Atef.

To make sure what @pavlos_kairis is saying is clear:

  1. Boot into the Ubuntu MATE 20.04 system that has an unacceptable 3 minute boot time. If you're already booted up and logged in, skip this step and step 2.
  2. Log in.
  3. Go up to the Main Menu (probably at the top of the screen if you haven't changed anything yet), and search (using the provided search bar) for an application known as "Terminal". This application is used a lot for many tasks around here, particularly for troubleshooting like we're doing here.
  4. Once the Terminal has opened, you'll be presented with a strange "prompt" of your username and several other pieces of information which we do not care about here. Type into the terminal the following text (make sure you don't leave out any spaces; you can copy and paste this text into the terminal):
    systemd-analyze blame
    That text is a command for the computer to execute. Make sure you include the hyphen (-) character and then press Enter.
  5. That command should produce some output in a tabular form. Copy the output onto the clipboard and paste it into a new post in this thread. Preferably, after pasting the output of that command, highlight the text in the post and click the button that looks like a </> in the post editor. This last step will make the text a lot easier for us to read.
  6. If logging in and/or opening the terminal took a lot longer than you might expect as well, tell us about that, too: The last time I saw a topic like this, the culprit was a failing hard drive, which often affects almost every aspect of the computer's operation speed.

On a closing note, I should say that Ubuntu (MATE) usually does some initialization routines the first time you boot a newly-installed system; Ubuntu used to take up to a minute to do so on my 22-year-old Pentium III system. However, this doesn't sound like 22-year-old hardware, and if the 3 minute boot time persists even after you reboot the system once, then it's probably not installation related.

I'm sorry if I gave you too much hand-holding, but I wanted to ensure I did enough.