Ubuntu Mate 20.04 | Weather Report 1.24.0

The Ubuntu 20.04 Mate weather app, called 'Weather Report 1.24.0' seems to have stopped working for me. It simply does nothing now.

I have tried changing the locations but it seems that nothing works.

Is there anyway to fix this or is there a better weather app available for Ubuntu Mate 20.04?

ta, t.

Hi @timsan, There's a few threads on this topic and it is being addressed. This is the most recent:

It seems aviationweather.gov has changed things. Anyone have an ETA?

I hacked my libmateweather.so.1.6.9 file with a binary editor and it works great. A real developer wouldn't care for this, of course. :slight_smile:

EDIT: For the record, the aviationweather.gov lead web developer has jumped into the picture and is still working on things. Cross your fingers it may be fixed by this Wed and with no changes to all the Ubuntu and other Linux distros it affects.


It's been working now very well for the past few weeks.

Thanks for the improvement here ... I am a weather addict.