Ubuntu MATE 21.04 Hirsute Hippo 🦛 is out!

Can you smell :nose: that? That’s the smell of fresh paint :paintbrush: with just a hint of cucumber :cucumber:

Ubuntu MATE 21.04 is here and it has a new look thanks to the collaboration with the Yaru team. This release marks the start of a new visual direction for Ubuntu MATE, while retaining the features you’ve come to love :green_heart: Read on to learn :mortar_board: what we’ve been working on over the last 6 months and get some insight to what we’ll be working on next.


Hi every one,
Seams to be more faster. I try it on the live cd but there's a problem with ubiquity accessibility I'm blind and orca doesn't speak in the installation.

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Also ran it from a live usb installer and the bug where orca doesn't start up from login screen still persists.

Happens with 20.10 and 21.04 respectively.

Any ETA for a fix?

Thank you

Upgrade (20.10 -> 21.04) - smooth, no issues

It simply works and works and works and works... as expected :+1:

Thank you all so much!
(Donation -> DONE)

It looks like 21.04 is not available to me through upgrade from 20.10

do-release-upgrade is returning "No new release found".

  • Prompt=normal

I've tried two Canada repos and US-duke -- same.

After each repo switch I apt update, apt-upgrade,apt dist-upgrade reboot

What am I missing?

update-manager -d

Look at this guide:

I'm glad it works for you. I currently have no way of testing 20.04 on my intel mac due to it not being compatible with the video card so still running 18.04 on my machine. Will be looking into it eventually when I do get the funds to purchase a newer video card.

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