Ubuntu MATE 21.04 reaches end of life

As of January 20, 2022 Ubuntu MATE 21.04 has reached EOL (End of Life) and is no longer supported. There will be no more updates or security patches for this release.

Being an interim release, these are only supported for 9 months.

How do I check?

See which version you are running by opening the :monitor: System Monitor and checking the System tab.

Still using 21.04?

The upgrade path will be to the current interim release, 21.10, supported until July 2022. To upgrade, open :update: Software Updater and follow the steps.

Or alternately, via the :terminal: Terminal:

sudo do-release-upgrade

Welp, guess my Live USB needs to be updated. Maybe LTS?

What are the benefits of the upgrade? Ubuntu has been getting a lot slower with every new release. Currently takes 10 times longer to boot. Switching to Linux Mint seems to make more sense these days. Since Linux Mint is much faster in all respects I assume they cut out all of Ubuntu's fat since their base is based on ubuntu?

Comparing 21.10 to 21.04, I don't see any major changes. The desktop looks and feels the same, most of the changes are under the hood. With MATE desktop being updated, it feels like the same batch over and over again since 20.10. The only real benefit for upgrading is security patches, which is important. Even with Linux not getting as much malware (Do I dare say the forbidden name here) as Windows, but having distrobutions that are getting zero security patches opens up more back doors to your system.

If I were you, you can upgrade, reinstall, or switch to mint.

Anyway, sad to see yet another version of Ubuntu MATE :ubuntu_mate: die.

Unfortunately, Ubuntu has come to the detriment; both with the change to "Gnome3" and the appearance of "Plymouth". Debian, now gives a lot of trouble too, processors with "GPU"-RADEON, strangely Devuan is doing better now and without proprietary drivers!
I recommend testing 4MLinux, it comes with all included, works on any old or modern PC.

Thank you so much for the information. I mostly use the Pantheon desktop.

Have a great year.

Jim Kramer

Thank you for the heads up!
I have always used only LTS, so am still on 20.04!
I'll be changing in May (I always wait a month) to the 22.04 LTS .

thank for information.

ah just stick with an lts or debian stable, intirim releaces are only for testing, like debian testing

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