Ubuntu-MATE - 21.04 - Switching keyboard layouts does not work

I've performed the update from Ubuntu-MATE 20.10 to 21.04 and everything went smooth.

But I've found a very annoying issue... switching to a different keyboard layout does not work at all.

My default keyboard layout is: EN (US English). The "German / German" layout was previously added.
My Keyboard-Shortcut for switching keyboard layouts is: "Win+SPACE"

I cannot change the keyboard layouts, via:

  • press Win+SPACE
  • click on the "keyboard layout" icon in the "System Tray"

I've tried to remove / add the keyboard layouts followed by a PC restart without any luck...
I've checked the "Log Viewer" but cannot find useful information => therefor, please advise on how to provide additional (debugging) information...

I'd appreciate any workaround I can use until the issue is solved.

Thank you :slight_smile:

OK, I found the issue.

During upgrade from Ubuntu MATE 20.10 to Ubuntu MATE 21.04 following program was removed:

  • Zoom

Looks like "Zoom" used some incompatible components / packages (ibus / dbus ?).

After upgrading the OS, I've reinstalled Zoom because I need it for some training sessions (no, it's not me the one to choose Zoom).

Fix was:

  • sudo apt remove zoom
  • sudo apt autoremove
  • reboot PC

I'll report the issue on the zoom web site.