Ubuntu Mate 22.04 Not Showing Battery Percentage

Dear Friends,

On previous version it was easy to show the laptop battery percentage, this version I could not show the battery and kept looking for the way by navigating and searching, but no luck.

Does any one know how to show the battery percentage on the panel applet!!

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right click on Panel, Add to Panel, there is a Battery Charge Monitor. You can change its preferences.


Another alternative is to use the Indicator Settings. That let's you use the existing battery indicator without adding another one to the panel. You can get there this way: Menu > Control Center > Indicators > Power > Show percentage on the panel.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

You have just saved my day cause previous version it was easy to setup just right click from the battery icon from there it will give me the choice to put the percentage.

This version tell us to go to control center and then click on the choice button.


thank you, it works perfectly!