Ubuntu Mate 22.04 on a Macbook German keyboard, how to remap diacritics the right way?

I am running Ubuntu Mate 22.04 on a Macbook with a German keyboard and the German Apple keyboard settings.
Many Apple-specific glyphs are mapped right, but most of those accessible with the right alt taste are different.
I found a German site explaining how to get the correct mapping by changing the file
...which I have done, but despite changing nothing to my keyboard, now Mate comes every time with an error message
"error activating XKB configuration"

That error keeps coming, even after I restored the original file.
How can I get rid of that message?
Is that file currently the right one to tweak the keyboard?
Thank you for your advice.

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I can't test this issue on my mac, but I think editing /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/de is wrong.
If you look at the internet for that specific error, I found 2 solutions:

laja, post 3:
I had they same problem and similar results with posted fixes. This worked for me; go to etc/default/keyboard and make sure XKBMODEL=“pc105”. mine had the quotes but no model. of course pc105 would be different for a different keyboard.

Error went away after selecting another Apple Keyboard Model. If it's just me, issue can be closed.