Ubuntu Mate 22.04 Theme (Solved)

Thank you so much. I started vomiting after my upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04. - why do OS developers always think they have to destroy a user's handmade environment to make them believe that there's something innovative and new?


I agree, seems they would do better to fix bugs than create new themes. Then again these are creative people in general, so they want to create. As long a the old themes stay in the repository I am OK.


Dear Friends,

Drewing and jymm are one hunder percent correct.

I was so thrilled last night, the whole upgrade took thirty minutes, no issues, so I thought. Ready to donate.

Well, donations would be forthcoming if someone like lah or wimpress would simply have given the option:

Do you wish to keep your current customised theme - y for yes n for no - then press enter

I was thrilled that the upgrade took twenty minutes, instead of eight hours, bravo.

But why the hour to get my customisations back?

I live in the US and need the dollar sign more than euro or pound. So I need dconf to make the clock in the panel read 24h time? Ok, that is really unusual. Got it. But a theme?

Removing any file without asking is bizarre. So instead of thirty minutes, it would have been forty if asked to keep theme, or to keep hplip files or whatever. Still better than having to search for "where are my icons"?

The behaviour in my case was even more bizarre as some folders had the brown icons, and some emptyish text icons.

One possibility; a pay per month version for desktop users where the privilege of keepings one's settings and customisations is respected? or that the paid version allows tested versions of things that alphabet corp tries to make unavailable are made available sooner?

Lots of solutions, but creating another hour of searching because the devs implement change without asking seems an own goal.

So someone please provide a fail safe file copy to flash drive, and where it will go before april, please, because changing file location, buildings snaps, &c, seem to be the current mode, and it appears to be a fait accomplit


Hi @yazdzik,

your home directory seems like a safe place to keep your settings and customizations (including customized theme).

The only reason I switched from Ubuntu to Ubuntu Mate was because of the classic Ubuntu user-interface. I love Ubuntu Mate mainly for this reason, and I cannot believe the developers of Ubuntu Mate thought that switching to Yaru was the right move... A big thumbs down for this choice, sorry to say. At least provide both options so that people can decide.

On the other hand, thanks to this amazing community that is helping us get the best out of Ubuntu Mate and restoring the Ambient theme that many of us love.

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I think that there might be a reason for developers to move from ambiance to yaru other than personal taste.
I also dislike Yaru and I have repositories and a backup of necessary files to see my Ubuntu Mate looking like I enjoy

More problematic for me is that I could not move to 22.04 as there are packages needed for blending pictures that are not yet in Ubuntu repositories so until I can I will keep moving with my 20.04

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Hi Pala! My Being was just wondering that although the Ambiant-Radiant-MATE colours theme was installed through the terminal, it didn't automatically applied it to the "plank" themes option, as it use to be in the previous MATE. Is there a way to include it in the current MATE?

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Thank you. It's great to be here. :pray::pray::pray:

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I totally agree. I use Mate because it offers an efficient (MATE Tweek) and pleasant (Ambient-MATE) experience. That is what brought me here, and if it is absent, it will move me away.


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