Ubuntu Mate 22.04 Theme (Solved)


Testing Ubuntu Mate 22.04 I have noticed that today an upgrade has deleted desktop themes (all of them) and they have been replaced by Yaru-Mate Dark and Yaru-Mate Light. Has enyone experienced this? (The ambiant-MATE-01 aas a personalized theme but despite it remains nothing can be s
I have checked ubuntu packages and between Impish and Jammy ambiant and radiant themes have been removed. Perhaps this might be only termporary



Ambiant and radiant themes are gettimg removed in jammy in favour of yaru mate

Thank you. If it is so, I will see the way to change it as Yaru in my opinion is hard and disgusting.

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Install ambiant amd radiant yourself you can use old package or copy them from something like a ubuntu mate vm with impish or soemthing like that

But we most likely wont be reincluding them again in distro or theme package

Thank you I'll try it

Look in Synaptic for:

Official themes for the MATE desktop

This package contains the official desktop themes of the MATE desktop
The themes provided for the MATE desktop partially resemble themes that
are well known from GNOMEv2 desktops. However, the MATE team also prepared
some new themes esp. for MATE (Menta, GreenLaguna, TraditionalGreen,
TraditionalOk, and BlackMate).

Thank you. It works. Regards

Glad to help. I use TraditionalOK and have for years with no desire to change, so I understand you missing the Mate themes. Let's hope they keep them.

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I too like the Ambiant themes. I just copied it from the theme's folder in 20.04 over to the folder in 22.04 (user/share/themes). Works without any problem.

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A trick I use: I have a usb which has my theme folder, background folder, Icons and firmware. Then, when I upgrade, if anything is missing, I can install it from the USB. Secondly, I update the USB adding any new items from a release or upgrade. Works great for the past few releases. Never broke anything.

Thanks. I did the same thing but copied them to a secondary hard drive and found there is a repository via ppa where you can download them from and install them in 22.04

This repository includes a variation of ambiant called Aqua. I don't know why it was removed but in matter of tastes nothing is written

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lah7/ambiant-mate
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ambiant-mate-gtk-themes ambiant-mate-icon-themes
sudo apt install ambiant-mate-colours-aqua

:point_up: Besides a new home for Ambiant-MATE, it is officially a community effort to keep maintained.

While the colours won't be conveniently installable via :ubuntu_mate: Welcome 22.04 onwards - the colours are still there via that PPA:


If anyone wants to know more, here's information about the situation from the previously named ubuntu-mate-colours project:


Thank goodness.

I first tested the latest Ubuntu MATE on VirtualBox, and was totally put off by Yaru. No way I'd install it on any PC.

It's okay for devs to be smitten by Yaru and add it -- but it's outrageous to remove everything else for the rest of us.


Thank you very much for keeping Ambiant theme alive ! It's the best for me, I don't like Yaru.
Great community here, cheers !

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Now I'm really happy to count on Ambiant Mate... Mine looks now like a real mate.. :grinning:

My problem is that the window buttons in Yaru Mate are pixelated in HiDPI mode

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Magnificent. A detail. There is a package that fails during installation and you need to run this command to fix it:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg

Yaru stinks. The icons are flat and have way less detail, hard to see, strains desktop vision. Thanks for keeping Ambient MATE in the community. Some things don't ever need to be changed for the sake of change.

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Ooooau Lah7, thanks for the ppa

I just install the original Mate theme, so amazing, love it, so fantastic... just super

Maybe this theme and Mate Menu (Advanced Mate Menu) will return back in repository and be installed default on newer Os Releases ... this is the Original Ubuntu Mate Theme and should remain as a standard option.

With The Yaru theme I was thinking that maybe in future I will ditch Ubuntu Mate for Lubuntu but as long this theme exist I will no thave to even think on the option.

So happy that this classic theme still exist... thanks lah7


Same here
Went with the regular upgrade and and all my Traditional layout was preserved.
Change for sole purpose of changing brings nothing.