Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish 🦑) Release Notes

Hi @Josele13,
new Mutiny is using plank dock, old Mutiny was simply using a panel with mate-dock-applet. What's exactly wrong with a new dock? It does support adding new application launchers.

Hi @ironfoot,
I haven't checked enough, I admit - Thanks!

As it turned out the issue I've mentioned about is related directly to window-buttons-applet.

This applet is a separate thing. Install mate-window-buttons-applet -- and it'll appear in the applet list. I believe you have to add it to your panel manually now.

hola buenos dias!! martin me ayudarias como instalar la actualizacion via terminal gracias!!!

I agree that it's better to wait a while before switching to the next LTS release. But the .3 build seems very late to me. And my impression is that UM 20.04 had its best time around .1 or .2. Later I noticed more and more hick-ups and regressions, for example in the menu, panel, caja, network printer connection and samba client. A quite frustrating experience :worried:

In the left bar I had the applications, but I could also add the hard disk partitions and the personal folder, the recycle bin was placed in the lower area of the same bar, the possible screens, all that I can't do now. I can't remove that clock, I don't like it.

This is my best Mutiny configuration, if the Mate team could add more options to the left bar it would be great.

sudo do-release-upgrade -c -d

What you show there is a configured enlarged mate panel with various applets added. There's absolutely no problem to re-create this setup in UMATE 22.04.

Add new panel to the left, resize it, add applets from the applet list and preferred application launchers. I believe I see these applets: Compact Menu, Disk Mounter, Trash, Workspace Switcher.

  1. I Upgrade to 22.04 maybe a month ago on one system and no issue with "Advanced Mate Menu"
    On other system upgraded today that Menu is no more present...
    Why is that?
  • How to install "Advanced Mate Menu" back on that system (as I have it on the other and it works OK)...
  • How to install Old Mate Themes?
  1. On a small screen laptop 1366x766 this new themes look bulky and screen pixel wasting... I really do not understand when things get Ok, we have to make a big change to mess things,
    even the new grey color of folders can not be distinguished easy on old mate grey wallpapers.

  2. On this last system, probably a kernel issue, I have a problem with display, after some time the display enter in a somehow rapid power on off at high frequency speed, the image on the display looks like it is defective, and the electronic start making noise... for sure if I leave it like this will destroy the laptop electronics (I will try a new kernel as soon as possible), it can be corrected with a mouse click, so for now Laptop will not remain open without me in front of it...

How did you manage to make the icons big ? I have made Mutiny from Family Layout...

Looks like installing the menu is simple like:
$ sudo apt install mate-menu

Install latest kernel 5.17.. and it looks like issue fixed... testing more to be sure...

I see, looks like a Windows List applet, it is not really designed for vertical panels. Try removing it from your panel and using Dock applet instead. If Dock applet is not in your applet list, install mate-dock-applet package.

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Hi @mircea,

mate-menu was removed from default installation starting 21.04. It is not maintained, but it still works.

You may also want to check this thread about themes.

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Thank you, now everything is in place, a Mutiny to my liking.

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Thanks a lot ironfoot,

Just installed the theme... so amazing, love it, so excited... it just looks fantastic...

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You are welcome @Josele13, @mircea ! Hope you'll enjoy the new release.


Looks like issue still present on my main laptop.
I think it happens because of picom compositor or some change in 22.04 window manger... something related to this release (upgrade from 20.04)...

In test Marco with no compositor...

If you need to use an electronic certificate to access official pages, DO NOT update to this version. Firefox snap won't let you add your card reader because you can't load it by running the PKCS-11 library.

[quote="mircea, post:58, topic:25318, full:true"]

It looks like neither this solve the issue,
But I observe that all time when screen image malfunction appear is in Firefox and when my Mouse is right closer to bottom edge of screen on the scrollbar, so it might be related to Firefox, to scrollbars, screen buffering or something around...

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