21.04 Ubuntu MATE Changes - Layouts, Global Menu, and HUD

This weekend Wimpy did a live-stream. In this stream he announced some changes that will be coming to Ubuntu MATE 21.04. I encourage you to take the time to watch the video as it goes into details about the why and how of the upcoming changes.

Slashing features from Ubuntu MATE. Arrrrrrrr! :pirate_flag:

This is a quick summary for Ubuntu MATE users:

Global Application Menu and the HUD will be removed from the default install of Ubuntu MATE 21.04. This results in the following Layouts also being removed:

  • Mutiny
  • Cupertino
  • Contemporary

These all rely on the Global Application Menu and the HUD and with those being removed, these layouts will no longer be supported.

While we do realize that some users will miss these features, the problem is that they are "no longer up to snuff". They are also the source of a large number of errors and bug reports.

We recommend:

Cupertino users to switch to Pantheon
Contemporary users to switch to Familiar

There is another layout change to talk about. Redmond is switching from the Advanced MATE Menu to the Brisk menu.

There also may be a new layout in the works, so please stay tuned. Thanks for understanding as we move forward in improving Ubuntu MATE.


As long as Traditional stays, I will stay and be happy!


I personally don't mind as I think Ubuntu MATE was trying to be to many things with features that weren't well integrated into the desktop


That's perfect, sometimes lot of options are not ok, if you look for MATE maybe is because you like the classic methaphor, top and bottom panels, the applications, Places and System menu and thats it.
For me, i also use the global menu in the top panel but if it is available for a later download is ok.

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Thanks for the write-up, Bill! I look forward to this as I think it could bring some refinement for the initial experience and perhaps create more room to grow cleanly with features that are more actively used, requested, and/or maintained.

Ubuntu MATE has always been known to me as a distribution that strives to retain features for its users to the best of its ability, without going overboard. I think this is a nice middle ground, focusing on a (still rather wide) more refined set of layouts and functions. Thanks Wimpy and all who make this stuff possible!

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Will this affect people that will be upgrading eventually to 22.04 LTS? I'm using the Cupertino layout at the moment & I love it! I'm assuming that the upgrade process won't remove those libraries related to the Global Application menu & the HUD that Wimpy mentioned in his live stream - as they are already installed on my system - but correct me if I'm wrong!

Can the dev themes for Hirsute be installed on 20.04?

Sorry for asking, but what does this mean? Is Redmond on the brink?

I hate the Brisk menu (looks like ugly Windows 7) and the Redmond menu was the reason why I started with Ubuntu Mate. On the other side, I read over the last years that Brisk menu has a tendency to crash a lot.


They just want something more «modern» for the Redmond layout.
Brisk menu crashes have been fixed for a while.
The fact it is chosen as a default menu for a layout doesn't mean you can't replace it by customizing your panel with another menu applet (advanced MATE menu, classic menu etc...).


It is true that Mutiny has not gone very well, I was creating Unity from Netbook layout, adding panels and options,

I think it's good, as long as you can continue with the options of the system as before,

If something destabilizes the system it is better to remove it,

Greetings ...


Nice. If it's going to improve UM, let's go. As long as Familiar is available it's all good


Same here but I start from Pantheon, remove the dock, add a second panel vertically, place win buttons and win title to the top panel. I believe the global menu is the source of some, if not all of the crashes. Without it, Mate seems very stable.


Thank you for interesting information. It's a pity that HUD will be removed. I'm using it a lot and it seems to me it's very useful and convenient.

Any chance that HUD will stay in further LTS versions?

The HUD was one of the reasons I choosed and still stay on Ubuntu Mate.

It will be removed from future Ubuntu MATE releases. That includes the next LTS as well.

The thing is, you will still be able to install it as a separate package and enjoy it as you do now. The removed features just won't be supported and worked further on as there's nobody to maintain them and they seem to generate lots of bug reports.


You can pry Mutiny from my cold dead hands! :sob: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :skull_and_crossbones:

With said, I will continue to install post 20.04 as long as its available. MATE + Mutiny FTW (until Unity 8 is a thing). Remix = :poop: Mainline Ubuntu Gnome Yaru blah blah = :poop: :poop:

My continual gratitude for all who develop, support and champion Ubuntu MATE! :pirate_flag:


Just outstanding. I made the jump from Windows three years ago and never looked back. I now have my three sons using Mate and two work for universities.

If you want this great work to continue then I would encourage all users to contribute some $$ dollars to this ongoing project. I started giving just $2.50 per month and now I give $5.00. My $60.00 dollar per year investment is well worth every penny. I plan to up my contribution in 2021.

Thanks for a great product and so easy to use.


Yes ok I don't give a damn about munity, I don't like the gnome 3 style either, but the Global Applications Menu was ■■■■■■■ PRACTICAL, especially for those who have (among others) a 2 in 1 touchscreen laptop .


What do you recomend for Mutiny users?

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You'll be able to install manually the packages required for the mutiny layout. However, they will not be supported, potentially buggy and unmaintained.
There's Ubuntu Unity Remix for the users that are really into the Unity desktop environment.

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