Ubuntu Mate 22.04 (updated) - Enabling firewall interface (ufw) prevent system boot

There seem to be an issue with ufw firewall/interface - enabling it via gufw only starts it up, after restart status is back at inactive (from what I understand this is not standard behaviour, neither in ubuntu 20.04 nor other distributions I encountered). Ubuntu Mate 22.04 installation is fresh, up to date, and most settings on default.

Enabling ufw from configuration file (/etc/ufw/ufw.conf) leads to boot issue visible in the tittle, switching ENABLED between "yes" and "no" get consistent results at following restart: at "no" system start swiftly and without issue. at "yes" all ever happen is cursor/underline to appear at top left corner. Booting takes ages, keyboard is ignored most of that time completely (outside numkey). Given enough time and messing with keyboard, it become possible to switch console via ctrl+alt+F? to access system and even start X to extent (random, everything is very unstable).
There is nothing outside "_" during start as information displayed, logs are clear system (ufw log seem to be only one to register any difference, but information itself is rather useless (not easily human readable)).

Only inconsistency I found was in systemd config file:
It was set up to start: "Before=network-pre.target" instead of after, and after filesystem - but I dont have much experience in systemd, and it looks like enabling it not being persistent may have been actually workaround to issue with booting.

Ps. architecture is ARM64 (v8-a)

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