Ubuntu Mate 22.04LTS Runs great on my old Toshiba!

I just want to start off by saying I've tried many different OSes for my 2012 Toshiba Satellite and this has to be the best-looking and best-performing OS I've used. Period.
It runs my stuff very well, uses minimal resources (which is good considering this thing hasn't been upgraded at all), comes with all I need, and more.
This isn't my first rodeo with Linux nor will it be my last. I've used regular Ubuntu on my old chromebook (dual booted), I've used Damn Small linux, then switched to Ubuntu Budgie because DSL is ancient and doesn't run what I need it to, I've used the Chromebook Linux Terminal, and now I'm here on Ubuntu MATE and I'm here to stay. Feel good to use, is nice to look at, runs great, and is overall an amazing Linux Distro 10/10 for me :3

There are some issues I've noticed with the desktop though but I fixed it by using the Mutiny desktop layout (Which I'm fine with tbh).
I was using the Redmond layout prior but also had the same issue with the Cupertino layout. Issues like the panel disappearing and the taskbar going bye-bye. I'm able to fix the panel by running

mate-panel --reset

in the terminal. Like I said, great os 10/10 would recommend for ancient PCs.


Welcome @AeonFurr to the community!


in Deutschland wird es kam verwendet. Die meisten haben Linux Mint 22.04 LTS auf Ihren PC.
Es gibt viele PC Unternehmen die bereits das neuste Linux Mint 22.04 LTS Standard mäßig drauf haben.

Thanks man! I'm glad to be here! :3

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