Ubuntu MATE 23.04: No Notifications


I'm using Ubuntu MATE 23.04 and no app is able to use the notification system. Is it only on my installation?

Would you be able to clarify? Are you looking to find an app that will let you create a custom notification and have it displayed in the notification area or is it something else?

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No. What I'm saying is that the Mate 23.04 notification system doesn't throw any alerts.

Hi on UM22.04 so may not apply.
I think possibly this is what you are referring to, although if it is don't think all apps are able to communicate with the indicator. 4 is showing test of location shown in item 3.


I can confirm, that at least notification previews and notify-send commands work as expected in 23.04.


I reinstalled and it worked again. Which is strange, I didn't install anything different or make any changes to the system. Well, it's back! Thank you all!


I can't tell you how many times, and for how many reasons: Reinstalling almost always works (even when it does NOT make any sense). Just had to say...Been there/ Done that.