Ubuntu Mate 24.04 LTS Onboard Keyboard Crashes, Compiz Not working Properly, Crashes Alerts all the time

Hi, @Salah (SALAH AL KHANI) :slight_smile:

(Usual disclaimer: please note that I'm just another Forum user here. I'm NOT a Ubuntu or Ubuntu MATE developer).

Regarding the second point that you've mentioned in your post:

... you're absolutely right! In fact, that issue / problem was brought up here in the Ubuntu MATE Community in the following topic, that was started 10 days ago (on 29th April 2024), by @PYD :

You may also be interested to read my reply in that topic:

... where I mention that I I've done several web searches and the most directly related bug that I've found is the following one ("Bug #2063041 “crashes immediately on pressing a key with python3.12 (Ubuntu Noble 24.04)” : Bugs : onboard package : Ubuntu" - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/onboard/+bug/2063041 , that was submitted by the user "theofficialgman ", on 21st April 2024) in Launchpad:


You may want to click on the "This bug affects 3 people. Does this bug affect you?" link in that Launchpad bug web page (to add yourself to the list of affected users by that bug) and you may also want to add a comment in that page to report your experience about this bug.

I hope this helps, at least somewhat :slight_smile: