Ubuntu Mate accessibility

Im visually impared and have earlier been using Ubuntu 16.04. But since then accessibility has become a big problem, due to Ubuntu not using compizconfig-settings-mananger.
Then i looked at Ubuntu Mate and here i tried installing compizconfig-settings-manager, but there are many issues. The biggest is im not able to use Libreoffice and AbiWord and WPS Office dosent work peroperly.

But what i hope to see in Ubuntu Mate 22.04:
xcalib being a part of Ubuntu Mate (preinstalled)
keyboard shrotcuts:
super + n (invert single window)
super + m (invert whole screen) - command for this one is "xcalib -i -a"

But, the main Ubuntu has a desktop zoom, and i hope there could be a mate-zoom (The current magnifier is not useful).
In Ubuntu you enable/disable zoom by super + alt + 8
zoom in = ctrl + shift + arrow up
zoom out = ctrl + shift + arrow down

I appreciate the screen reader, this made it possible for me to install Ubuntu Mate, but im still stuck and have no interest in using other window manager then marco in Ubuntu Mate.
Please be aware, this is needed functions so visually impared people can use Ubuntu Mate on their computer, and is not just a "nice to have feature".

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Two quick notes, since accessibility in general is something of a concern for me as well:

1: Unless something has changed recently, compiz is pretty much dead at this point, and probably unlikely to make a return.

2: A sizeable chunk of the desktop is provided by GTK, which is "owned" by the GNOME team, who have been hell-bent on removing accessibility features and being outright hostile to any impaired users for the better part of a decade now. UM has absolutely no say in that, and, worse, unfortunately doesn't have the ability to fix any of that, because there can only be one GTK package and "stock" Ubuntu requires that it be the GNOME one. (UM also doesn't have the manpower for such an undertaking either, even if the other hurdles weren't there).

As far as the desktop zoom goes though, you can probably use the "stock" Ubuntu one in UM: just find out what it's called and install it.