Ubuntu MATE and Intel 945 graphic card issue

And now, after these few months of nervousness, I am in doubt to open new topic:
BUT 4.13.0-38-generic i686 (32bit) DO?

Yes, 32bit computer from the year 2010

64bit will not work on this machine for sure

Still works and there is no need to pollute nature by changing the computer
Also handles two operating systems (Win7 Ultimate and Ubuntu MATE 16.04)

If your spec sheet is correct, your hardware list is showing the 945 GPU but you should have the 950 and this may well be the problem but I am not sure?.

All I can suggest is you try the later versions, either 17.10 or go with the 18.04 beta which as I said before, does work!. :smiley:

Yes, the specs are correct 945 is on board
Checked by MATE system, Windows system, even in the manual booklet which comes in the box and so...

One more time, I've reinstalled the system (and update it)
Now I am running under Kernel: 4.13.0-37-generic i686 (32 bit gcc: 5.4.0)
Desktop: MATE 1.12.1 (Gtk 3.18.9-1ubuntu3.3) info: mate-panel dm: lightdm
Distro: Ubuntu 16.04 xenial

Kernel 4.13.0-38 is in pre-realise update section

anyway - both needs to set computer's HD as a first boot device in BIOS
Also, first run will failed (normal graphics are not shown on screen) and after first ctrl-alt-del (or power button), next time will start correctly

I repeat - Linux Mint have the same problem with kernel 4.13.0-37 but they fix it in the kernel 4.13.0-38,
on the other hand Ubuntu MATE team didn't check some new (or bad) programmer's routine.
And if I swap Linux Mint's kernel 4.13.0-38 with Ubuntu MATE's official one, I receive normal graphics (with Mint logo) but no connection to the internet when enter the MATE system but no need to set HD as the first boot device.

This problem does not exists in initial kernel which comes with the system installation.
So, it's more than clear some systems are affected by the new routine in the kernel module and reflects with this graphical issue until the computer's HD is not set as the first boot-up device.

I am just simple user with some experience and also hope the experienced programmer will acquire enough information from this what is actually going on.

Ok, I will WAIT for STABLE EDITION of 18.04 because I am little tired of re-installing
and obviously (by the accident) I find the way how to run last kernel
(the initial one always can be chosen from GRUB menu)


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I was going to recommend you try installing Intel’s video drivers and updated MESA, kernel, etc from their site 1.org but that tool is no longer available. :frowning:

So I went and did some searching based on the information mentioned here and saw that this person using the Peppermint distro was reporting how well your same model netbook worked in that distro. So I studied it and found the Peppermint distro is based on Lubuntu, so I checked to see which version of Lubuntu it was based on. It’s based on 14.04 LTS.

That would seem to imply that if you installed Ubuntu-Mate 14.04, everything should work for you again. Only it appears that the isos are completely gone. I’m beginning to understand your frustration!

Well one thing you could do is get the Peppermint version, here version six, which is what was reported to be working so well on your hardware. Then you could follow the guide here and install the Mate desktop?

The 14.04 series of LTS ends in 2019, but doing that should give you enough time to either wait for Ubuntu-Mate Bionic 18.04 LTS to finish baking or offer you enough time to get newer hardware. Who knows maybe you’ll decide you like Peppermint and just stick with that? I’m just offering you some options.

Good luck, I hope this helps a little!

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Hello bornagainpinguin!

thank you for the suggestions.

  1. Operating systems of now days are no more excited as they have been in the past.
    It is just matter of gigabytes they demand to be installed on.

  2. People today don’t need operating systems, they need web services,
    (social groups, facebook, twitter etc.)
    Also they need TV, video and music player beside.
    For the “modern people needs” the tablet is enough - just buy any tablet device and catch the “all-know friend” to set up the accounts and passwords and no brain at all…

  3. No other distros - Ubuntu MATE is by my taste.
    It is not weight but is powerful enough and adjustable system in just few steps.
    Also I never had a issue with pre-partitioning of the HD during the install process.
    When that happens with the other Linux distros then I must use Hiren’s Boot Disc to fix the partition table.
    Loosing of GRUB loader can be fixed very easy despite the other Linux systems
    And at least - easy and comfortable for eyes and for the work.
    Programs runs fast
    I don’t like KDE environment and it’s useless right mouse button function

  4. After fresh installing 16.04 first update includes about 460,5Mb of changes.
    Whom to blame from that list for the failure of starting up graphic card during the boot latest kernels?
    Initial one works in any direction.


(apologize for misinformation about the order of devices in BIOS is important)

Hey guys what is the meaning of the on-screen message…
something like: “IRQ16 pool nobody cares, trying boot with…”
that message appears after first reboot for re-starting the system with last kernel (and normal graphics)

I also tested launching initial kernel with reboot and (second time) there is also screen which start with blinking dot on top left corner before system start loading but messages are standard like in every Linux
First time is like “masked” with the blank
(and again no single issue with initial kernel, just the latest one demands reboot after which all working fine)

also after first reboot countdown in the GRUB loader menu is 30 seconds instead of 10


I’ve just install latest Kernel VIA UKUU
No single issue during the boot

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I am like a hamster sometimes :hamster:
Somewhere on the hard disk was debian installer Intel Graphics Update Tool 2.0.2 for Ubuntu 16.04 saved long time ago
Installed through Gdebi I got the ability to update graphics drivers

Tomorrow I will try how the new kernels with this update behave now

Hi Vladimir,

be careful with it as it is now being discontinued and may not be compatible with Ubuntu now?:

https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/03/intel-graphics-update-tool-discontinued :smiley:

Well, I have nothing to do with Intel’s business decisions

I can also be satisfied because I’ve taken some additional files for Intel’s graphics card, that’s all.

It’s easy when everything works properly

  • Fresh installation made
  • specific applications (CDEmu) are integrated into the core during the installing process so I have to install all apps with the core Kernel 4.10-28
  • I’ve downloaded all system updates without the last offered kernel
  • Everything works fine
  • Intel Manager update graphic drivers, didn’t see any differences in speed-up, everything is the same
  • Then I’ve update the system with the latest offered kernel (4.13-38)
  • BOOT LOADER is a problem, it must be restarted with the ctrl alt del
  • UKUU manager gives even more recent Kernel (4.16-0)
  • There are no graphics problems with the LINUX LOADER after the selection 4.16-0 in GRUB MENU

There is a mistake in LOADER, but I did learn something

I am waiting for stable 18.04 because beta version don’t have such loader problem but other issues are present…

Gnome2 Linux is all what I want to see on the screen…