Ubuntu MATE Community Themes


I figured this would be a good thread to start and we could start posting our themes. There seems to be a real lack of Mate focused themes around the web.

I’ve got some non-green themes working on bionic I’ve been using. I really like Ambiant MATE but sometimes I need something for work a little more grayed out. (Note: if you need the new Mutiny features you have to use Ambiant MATE)

They’re based on Suru & Ubuntu’s Communitheme now.



I have tried the Canta based gtk theme and am using, like it, but would there be the posssibility of a dark theme variant



Sure buddy. I’ll make it next. It’s gonna be a while cuz work is crazy these days but that’ll be the next thing I do. You’ll noticed I renamed the theme after i kind of cleaned it up.


Thank you, and I understand being busy finishing up an associates degree
personally, and yeah I noticed you had renamed it



Please see the OP. I’ve updated it with my adaption of Communitheme & Suru for MATE & merged my old themes with these since I only have time to maintain one theme set. I also made a dark theme for you bud.


ok thank you, I’ll try it out did you get all the metacity themes working?



They’re working! The theme is a first class citizen on MATE.


thanks Iv’e got the gtk parts working and it’s cool


Something new i’m working on right now:

It’s a mix of radiant-mate and old elementary.


looking good!

I’ve moved my stuff over to bitbucket (It’s also on gnome-look too) In case yall are are looking for it.


Little update - theme is quite usable, there are some things to be done (application list applet and OSD popup among other things). It’s based on elementary and Radiant-MATE so it’s stable, lightweight and responsive.

If anyone wants to test it, you can grab it here:


Just tested this theme and it looks very nice. Thanks! :slight_smile:
You should consider adding a PPA with your themes to make it easy for users to install


I definitely think there need to be a themes section in the software boutique 2.0


I have downloaded the theme, extracted it, and moved the extracted folder to .themes. It appears in Change background - Themes but no icons. I’m using Redmond.
Can you please describe for a beginner like me what I have to do to get the icons working?

[Update} Just realised that the theme has no new icons.


This is my Mint-Y-Dark-52 theme.

Been working on this new dark theme that I’ve used for over a month at work. I’ve only focused on the Ubuntu MATE desktop with this one, instead of trying to support everything under the sun. Based on Mint-Y. You need the Mint-Y icons and Papirus icons and then change the Mint-Y base icon theme to inherit first from Papirus in it’s index.theme.


Just wondering if you could change the blue in the workspace switcher applet to a gray or green in the communitheme gray theme, also the border in the active window in the window list look a bit antiquated, but that may be a Yaru theme thing, otherwise I love the theme


Love this theme!
You’ve drawn me away from Arc & I’ve been using that for several releases now.
Thanks for you work :smiley: