Ubuntu Mate for Commercial Use


I would like to know what to be careful about using Ubuntu for commercial use.
I am developing SW for school student based on practical science study work. My SW will run on ubuntu mate OS(Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS). I am planning to sell my SW with ubuntu on SD card. I am not modifying kernel but modifying config and cmdline files only. My SW run entire on C++, JAVA and using media player.
Do I still need to buy licence for ubuntu mate ? or Do I have to publish my source code of my application openly?
way I can see is, I am not selling Ubutu OS but I am selling my SW and HW which run ubuntu OS. Unfortunately, I have to sell SD card with ubuntu mate OS and my application as pupil cant install OS easily and lots of other sensor connected to device so not possible for end product.
Is their anyone has used Ubutu mate for commercial purpose or any product in market?



What Linux, Ubuntu and MATE Desktop all have in common is they are Open Source. Open Source software is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone. In a nutshell Ubuntu MATE is free, in the truest sense of the word.

Although you will find some versions (distributions) of Linux for purchase, the vast majority are provided free of charge, like Ubuntu MATE. Open Source software is licensed in a way that allows anyone to give it away for free, no strings attached. For example, the licence gives any member of the user community the freedom to use Linux for any purpose, to distribute, modify, redistribute, or even sell the operating system. If you do modify and then redistribute Linux with your modifications, you are required by the licence to submit your modifications for possible inclusion into future versions. There is no guarantee that this will ever happen, but if you have made it better, then your changes just might be included in the next release of Ubuntu MATE.

Many of the users of Linux are corporations that use the operating system to run their businesses, or include it within their products. Many of these corporations provide fixes and new features for Linux as they use the software for their businesses. These improvements are given back to the Linux community and Ubuntu MATE improves as a result.

This is how we can continually improve and grow without having to charge our users money.

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@h4wk, Thank you so much.